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Asus Titanium Gold NB UX305UA-AS51, Windows 10 (64bit) , 13.3" IPS FHD, Intel Core i5-6200U, 8GB LPDDR3, Intel HD.

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Designed to go everywhere you go, the ZenBook UX305 weighs less than 3lbs and measures just over 0.5-inch thin so it’s never a burden to carry. Packed under its simple, elegant and lightweight hood is the latest fifth generation Intel Core i5 processor and 256GB all-flash storage for fast and responsive mobile performance. With ZenBook UX305LA, you can do all the incredible things you’ve always wanted to do, wherever you are.

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  • 13.3-inch matte anti-glare wide-angle IPS Full HD display for up to 1920 by 1080 resolution with an ultra-wide 178-degree viewing angle.
  • Signature ZenBook aluminum unibody just over half an inch thin and less than 3lbs.
  • 5th gen Intel Core i5 processor to do more with longer lasting portability.
  • 256GB Solid State Drive for incredibly responsive mobile performance.
  • Dual-band 2-stream 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 for high-speed wireless connectivity.
  • Windows 10 preinstalled
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Wide Viewing Angles and Vivid Colors

ZenBook UX305LA uses a high-quality IPS display with a wide color gamut (72% NTSC), so the colors you see on screen are accurate, vivid and realistic — even at the widest viewing angles!

Lifelike Color With ASUS Splendid Technology

ASUS Splendid technology gives you vivid, accurate colors no matter what you’re watching. It works by automatically fine-tuning various display settings to optimize all kinds of images. The result is richer, deeper colors and stunning visuals whether you're watching videos and movies, playing games or browsing through your photos.

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Outstanding Ergonomics

The full-size, one-piece chiclet keyboard is a masterpiece of ergonomics, with an improved design featuring a long 1.5mm of key travel and minimal key float. The result? A solid feel and a more comfortable experience, even for those marathon typing sessions.

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Intuitive touchpad with Smart Gestures

ASUS Smart Gesture technology offers a more intuitive and natural touchpad navigation experience, using many of the same Windows gestures you use on a touchscreen. The touchpad uses exclusive technology developed for smartphone touch screens to give high sensitivity and incredible accuracy.

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Your Always On-call PC Medics

1-year Accidental Damage Protection** with 30 days Zero Bright Dot Guarantee is the most comprehensive coverage available. Gives you protection against drops, spills and electrical surges while ensuring a flawless display with zero bright dots. Something does happen, there’s a free 24/7 technical support line and two-way free standard shipping for repairs.

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  • Does this have an ethernet port?

    No, it does not have an Ethernet port.

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