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The Asus G74 is a 17.3'' gaming laptop loaded with powerful components.

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Good build quality and materials

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Excellent specification and performance for its price

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Makes full use of the large 17.1" chassis, two hard drive bays and four ram slots

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Strong cooling system, capable of cooling the highend components

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2 year global warranty with 1 year of accidental coverage

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Matte 3D display on certain models

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GTX560M with 128-bit bus, for a highend gaming notebook there are better graphics cards available, such as the GTX570M and 580M

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Glossy non-3D display (reflective)

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The Asus G74 is a 17.3'' gaming laptop loaded with powerful components. This is the top of the line model from Asus's G series notebook line up. It features Intel Core i7 quad core processors and Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M dedicated graphics. To be fair, like many 17'' or 18'' gaming notebooks the G74 should be considered more as a portable desktop at over 10lbs (inc. charger). Other features include a 3D Full HD display option, solid state drive option, and Blu-Ray combo drive option. Like all Asus models the G74 is backed by a 2 year global warranty (when purchased in the US). Other notable functions include dual hard drive slots, media card reader, and up to 16GB of DDR3 memory. Asus makes full use of the available space by putting in a full size keyboard with a 10 key number pad. Some features from the previous G7 series notebooks are retained, this include the unique exterior design and cooling system as well as the high quality speakers and audio enhancements. The Asus G74 series of notebooks is an excellent option for gamers who seek a reasonably portable computer that packs some serious performance. 

Features / Specifcations
  • Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate
  • 17.3'' LED backlit display, (1600x900 or 1080x1920 with 3D option)
  • Intel Core i5 / i7 processors
  • Up to 16GB DDR3 ram
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX560M dedicated graphics
  • Dual hard drive slots with 750GB and solid state drive options
  • Blu-Ray combo drive option
  • 3x USB2.0, 1x USB3.0, HDMI out, media card reader, HD webcam
  • Wifi b/g/n, gigabit ethernet
  • 2 year limited international warranty (when purchased in the US)
Model Variations
  • G74SX-A1 - Base model
  • G74SX-3DE - With 1080p 3D display
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