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The Asus G1 is part of the Asus G Series, marketed specifically as a gaming laptop.

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Eligible for Vista upgrade

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Less powerful than other gaming laptops (Alienware, Dell, Voodoo)

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The Asus G1 is part of the Asus G Series, marketed specifically as a gaming laptop. The G1 is on the smaller side of gaming laptops with its 15 inch screen, however it still packs a punch in terms of power and game-ability. The G1 features some innovative gaming features like flashing sidelights for particularly intense gaming moments and a built-in high resolution webcam and speaker allowing you hands-free communication while you're playing. Using Asus' extended battery life, you also get up to 20-25% longer on one charge.

Some key features include: Intel Core Duo 2GHz processor, 2GB RAM+, 160GB+ Hard drive.
Early models had a Nvidia GeForce Go 7700 GPU video card. The video card has been put under some scrutiny as not powerful enough for especially high resolution games like Quake.
Later models have a Nvidia GeForce 8600 M GT video card (M for Mobile, replacement for the Go Series)

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12/11/2007 11:00

I've owned a G1 for around 8 months now. Wow, this is the best laptop I've used so far. Previously I've owned a Dell 1505 and an Acer Travelmate 800 and let me tell you the G1 is amazing. The build quality is incredible, it feels like a tank when you compare it to a Dell. I carry it back and forth from school and primarily use it for writing papers, I've typed well over 500 pages in Word 2007 alone. With this much wear and tear most laptops usually start to display some glitches (the Dell had hard drive issues within the first 6 months and the surround on the LCD of the Acer cracked) but I've yet to come up with a serious complaint about this laptop. My only minor complaint being that the glossy black finish requires regular wipe downs or it starts to look rather nasty. I do use it for some gaming every now and then and it can play everything I've thrown at it without a problem. Actually I can game and play music without any difficulty. It processes photos and video with no problem and it multitasks better then I ever though a computer could. All that and it comes with a two year warranty as standard. Oh, I should mention the screen. The thing that finally sold me on the G1 was the screen quality. If you're a Netflix user and watch video on your laptop this is definitely the computer for you. It is easily the best 15.4 inch out there. No problem with blurring, banding, or light leakage. It's gorgeous and the color is great.

As far as Toshiba and other laptops out there, caveat emptor, you get what you pay for. Be weary of a manufacture that doesn't think their product will last at least two years. Actually I almost went with a Toshiba before a friend of mine turned me on to Asus and Compal. That's when I discovered a world of quality computers, laptops intended for serious use. The other reason I didn't go with a Toshiba is the rep at Toshiba Direct couldn't put together a comparable laptop and refused to understand why anyone wouldn't want a 12lb, 17 inch model with a little less then two hours of battery life. I get a little over 3 hours on the G1.

I can't recommend the G1 enough. Though if I had it to do again I probably would have gotten the V1 (same hardware in a more professional package with biometrics)

Here's an aside for those Mac users out there. If your thinking of getting a PC for work, Asus is the company that makes Mac notebooks.

04/03/2007 03:23

I build a lot of custom computers and I can say through experience, I don't trust Asus too much anymore. Back in the late 90s their products were extremely reliable, but the past few products I've bought from this manufacturer have been iffy at best. I highly suggest Toshiba as far as laptops go, but they are also a bit pricey.

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