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ASUS Chromebook C300MA-DH02-LB 13.3" HD (1366768) , matte (Light Blue) , Intel Bay Trail-M N2840 Dual Core 2.16Ghz.

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Long battery life

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Start your ASUS Chromebook C300 in a flash and keep moving lightning fast as you cruise through your to-do list or favorite video streaming site with up to 10 hours of battery life. Featuring a refined chiclet keyboard and the largest touchpad in its class, this 13.3-inch Chromebook gives you plenty space to type, zoom and scroll for a person of any size while staying portable for a carrying bag of virtually any size.

Enhanced with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware security, experience peace of mind to travel across the world or share your ASUS Chromebook with family and friends, knowing your sensitive information is protected. And with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, surf the web with up to 3 times the speed of previous gen wireless to get to where you’re going faster than ever before.

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  • 10 Hours Incredible Battery Life; Gigabit Dual-Band 802.11AC ultra-fast Wi-Fi.
  • Can open/edit MS Office files using free embedded QuickOffice editor or Google Docs, and can download Microsoft Office Online (an online version of Microsoft Office) for free. Cannot install standard MS Office software.
  • Intel Dual-Core 2.16 GHz Processor with 4 GB RAM.
  • 13.3" HD LED Display. HD Webcam; USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, SD Card Reader, & Bluetooth 4.0.
  • 16 GB local flash storage; No CD or DVD drive. 100 GB Google Drive storage for 2 years.
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Color Options

  • Black
  • Red
  • Light Blue
  • Yellow
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Connect to Everything You Need

ASUS Chromebook C300 is all you need to turn your living room into an online entertainment gateway. With an HDMI port, easily stream high quality content to a larger external display or TV. Need to transfer files or charge your phone? No problem with the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port. And if you need to connect to a person, ASUS Chromebook C300 has a built-in webcam for crystal clear video chats.

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Your Life Made Mobile

If you spend more time online than off, cruising websites, watching online videos and keeping productive through the virtual world, ASUS Chromebook C300 is optimized for your mobile lifestyle. Dual-core Intel Bay-Trail processor lets you multitask to instantly switch between your apps and several browser tabs all while staying energy efficient.

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All-day Entertainment

With up to 10 hours of battery life, enjoy your ASUS Chromebook C300 unplugged. Movies and pictures look flawless on the 1366 by 768 HD display that has a matte finish to use it in both dim and brightly lit environments. Couple that with ASUS-enhanced sound chambers, enjoy ear-pleasing audio that makes your media come to life wherever you go.

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Travel with Comfort

At only 3 pounds, it’s easier than ever to carry your 13.3-inch, ultra-slim ASUS Chromebook C300 with you in a bag or with only one hand. Slide and glide your fingertips with room to spare on the largest touchpad available on a Chromebook. For even greater control, the chiclet keyboard is enhanced with keys that more accurately register the presses you want to increase your typing speed and precision.

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Share and Stay Protected

ASUS Chromebook C300 is perfect for both kids and adults. Share it with others and know that your information is protected with the highest form of security from the built-in TPM chip that encrypts data on a hardware level and Chrome OS sandboxed design that prevents any application from affecting the core system files.

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Do Anything

With thousands of apps just a click away in the Chrome Web Store, experience more games, media controls and more than ever before with ASUS Chromebook C300. Built-in access to your favorite Google apps such as Gmail, Drive and YouTube get connected as soon as you power on the machine. Even without an internet connection, you can still enjoy the best of Google with hundreds of offline apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Microsoft work on this computer and does it have a camera?

    You cannot install Microsoft Office. You may think that all you can do is something that you can do inside Chrome web browser. Office 365 (browser-based) can be run on Chromebook. There is a built-in camera in the Chromebook.

  • Is this a good computer for Etsy business ?

    Yes, if you only do online stuff.

  • Is the color red a primary red or more pinkish?

    Is not pinkish red is really red except that when you look at it from some points depending the light you can see a very small hint of orange.

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