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The Asus EN8400GS is a basic video card for those who want to create a home theater PC.

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can handle a dual monitor setup right out of the box without any elaborate setup procedure

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makes general Windows graphics and browser windows pop into place quickly, no wait for processing time

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HD video displays smoothly, never creates flicker or screen tear effects

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low profile design will fit into smaller cases

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good support for multiple types of displays of various sizes

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enough processing power to handle AutoCAD without a glitch

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"silent" card isn't actually silent, an audible hiss is noticeable from the fan - not a big noise but not completely silent either

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can't handle Photoshop without some noticeable lag issues with many of the brushes, and games lag noticeably

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The Asus EN8400GS is a basic video card for those who want to create a home theater PC. It has a capable processor and small amount of memory, but is able to output to S-Video and Composite cables as well as standard VGA and DVI-I. The card takes a standard PCI Express slot and comes at a low price.

Model Variations


The Asus EN8400GS comes in SILENT/HTP/256M and SILENT/HTP/512M options. In the SILENT/HTP/256M, the processor runs at 500MHz and memory at 667MHz. The memory is also reduced to 256MB. The SILENT/HTP/512M has 512MB of memory running at 800MHz, and runs the processor at 567MHz. The SILENT/HTP/512M also has the added feature of a V-Cool Heatsink, which is able to keep the temperature of the card down to a minimum.


  • 567MHz NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS processor
  • PCI Express
  • 512MB DDR2 memory
  • 800 MHz ( 400 MHz DDR2 ) memory clock (64-bit)
  • VGA, DVI-I outputs
  • HDTV, TV (S-Video to Composite) output
  • 2048 x 1536 max resolution
  • V-Cool Heatsink (on 512MB version)
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