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Asus' version of the inexpensive budget 4670 card.

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Japanese components, mainly quality solid state caps

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absolutely crap implementation

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extremely spartan - no accessories, the HDMI breakout cable which is claimed to be included actually isn't

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vbios update voids the warranty, bricks the card

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fan stays at 100% - quite loud and not all that cool

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more poorly coded, poorly translated Asus software

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Asus' version of the inexpensive budget 4670 card. Featuring a non-standard Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 heatsink and custom fan. For more information on the AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4670 see the main article.

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11/16/2008 02:56

This looked like it would be a great option - especially with the additional mail in rebate offer here in Canada. Even if I ended up replacing the S2 with an S1, I applaud Asus' use of a non-stock cooler, especially one that earns such high praise. Their use of quality components also made me consider this card over competing brands.

Sadly when I plugged it in the card was extremely loud (100% fan speed), and there were no official drivers yet even (way to go ATI). Installing the beta 8.10 drivers didn't give me access to any fan control either. The bios update provided by Asus (which voids the warranty on the card) went bad (without mentioning it) and I bricked the card. Thankfully Canada Computers took it back the next day.

Picked up the Sapphire version of the card and I haven't had any problems. The card throttles down the fan to a regular speed which is actually quite quite apparently. It also keeps it cool (never exceeds 70C). I ended up replacing the with the S1, and it works great!

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