The ASRock P55 Extreme4 is a high-end motherboard.

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The ASRock P55 Extreme4 is a high-end motherboard. It is designed to contain and utilize the components of a PC. It features support for ATI Quad CrossFireX and Nvidia Quad SLI, ASRock AIWI technology, and ASRock instant boot technology. The motherboard supports both ATI Quad CrossFireX and Nvidia Quad SLI technology. This allows a user to plug in up to four ATI or Nvidia graphics cards to use in conjunction with each other, greatly enhancing the quality of the graphics, and making things run smoothly. By splitting the work between four GPUs, the process becomes far more efficient. The ASRock AIWI technology allows a user with an iPhone or iPod Touch to connect their device to the PC to use as a controller. This can aid the user in gaming, and gives them an alternate means of control. ASRock instant boot technology allows the operating system of a PC to boot up within four seconds. This is far faster than usual, and also helps save energy. When compared to another ASRock motherboard, the ASRock 770 Extreme3, the ASRock P55 Extreme4 has several advantages, including support for better CPUs (Intel Core i7 vs AMD Phenom II) and support for more types of technologies (such as ATI Quad CrossFireX).

  • Support for ATI Quad CrossFireX
  • Support for Nvidia Quad SLI
  • ASRock AIWI technology
  • ASRock Instant Boot
  • LGA1156 socket
  • Compatible with Intel Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium G6950 CPUs
  • Four DIMM slots
  • Up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Gigabit LAN
  • Four USB 3.0 ports
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