The ASRock Ion s330 is a small media Bare-Bones PC, called an HTPC.

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The ASRock Ion s330 is a small media Bare-Bones PC, called an HTPC, that is designed to be directly connected to an HDTV video source and is meant to be used in a living area or common room as opposed to the more traditional home PC office use. The ASRock Ion s330 is the low end model in the Ion 300 series being only one step up from the base Ion 330 model, meaning it is outfitted with the basic features so users wanting more hardware components will need to upgrade to higher end models (Ion 330HT, 330Pro). The Ion s330 device includes a very different build from other Ion 300 series models; it is outfitted with an Intel 945GC+ICH7 chipset (instead of an NVIDIA ION chipset), only 1GB installed DDR2 RAM (as opposed to 2GB), a 160GB hard drive (instead of 320GB), and an integrated Intel GMA950 video card.

The Ion s330 is powered by an Intel Dual Core Atom 330 processor (1.6GHz) combined with the Intel 945GC+ICH7 chipset. The Ion s330 HTPC kit includes 1GB DDR2 800 MHz memory with support for up to 4GB maximum dual channel memory. The integrated Intel GMA950 video card supports DirectX9 3D hardware acceleration. The Ion s330 HTPC includes additional basic hardware features such as a 160GB (2.5") hard drive, a slim type DVD super Multi drive and 5.1 channel HD audio.

The Ion s330 HTPC includes additional features such as Energy Star level 5.0 certifications, ASRock Instant Boot technology for speedy OS booting, ASRock OC Tuner overclocking software,  ASRock App Charger support which charges Apple iPod devices even when the HTPC is in standby modes, and unique ASRock AIWI software that allows users to take advantage of the accelerometer built into their iPod devices to control onscreen games and programs.

A Bare Bones PC is simply a computer or system sold with only the most essential components that is meant to be assembled and installed by the consumer. Bare Bones PC kits usually leave room for users to add PC components and hardware if they desire to do so and possess the knowledge and skills required. Bare Bones kits are not difficult to assemble however they often include no manuals or "simple" documentation on doing so, because of this Bare Bones computers are only recommended for more advanced PC users.

  • HTPC Designed for Average Consumers
    • Connects Directly to an HDTV Video Source
    • Meant for Use In Living/ Common Room
  • Native Microsoft Direct X9 Support
  • Lower End Model in ASRock 300 Series HTPCs
    • No Native Wi-Fi support
    • No Blu-Ray Support
    • Supports MCE remote control (Not included)
    • Low-end Hardware Components
    • No eSATA II or HDMI Ports
  • Low-end PC Hardware
  • Software
    • ASRock Instant Boot Technology
    • ASRock OC Tuner- Overclocking Software
    • ASRock App Charge Support- Charges Portable Media Devices
    • ASRock AIWI Software
      • Allows iPod devices to be used with accelerometer for system control
    • Cyberlink DVD Suite- OEM and Trial Pre-installed
      • Cyberlink Power2Go 6.1-OEM
      • Cyberlink MediaShow 4.1 SE-OEM
      • Cyberlink PowerDVD 8.0 DTS- Trial
      • Cyberlink PowerDirector 8.0- Trial
      • Cyberlink PowerBackup 2.5- Trial
  • 5.1 Channel HD Audio
  • Energy Star Level 5.0 Certified
  • CPU: Intel Dual Core Atom 330 (1.6Ghz)
  • Chipset: Intel 945GC+ICH7
  • Memory:
    • 1GB DDR2 memory, maximum memory capacity 4GB
    • Dual Channel Support (DDR2 800MHz)
  • VGA/GPU:  Intel GMA950
    • Supports Microsoft DirectX9
  • Storage: 160 GB HDD (2.5")
  • Optical Disc: DVD Super Multi (Slim Design)
  • I/O Ports:
    • D-Sub VGA (1)
    • USB 2.0 (6)
  • Audio: HD Audio 5.1 channel
  • LAN: Gigabit LAN
  • Power: 65W/19V Adapter
  • System Acoustic: Below 30dB
  • Dimensions:
    • 195mm(W) x 70mm(H) x 186mm(L)
    • Volume (liters): 2.5L
    • Weight: 1.7Kg
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