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The Ariens Platinum 24 was released as bigger and more powerful counterparts to the compact Professional Series.

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works through deep snow quickly, don't have to take your time at all

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comes completely assembled, so no complicated assembly process to undergo

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throws snow the advertised 50 feet consistently

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light weight enough to haul uphill if you need to

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heated handles effectively keep your hands warm as you work

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starts manually on the first pull every time

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The unit is self propelled. It has 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse.

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rolls over rough uneven surfaces smoothly, good wheels for all kinds of terrain

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no self-propulsion system built in, need to use your own muscle

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The Ariens Platinum 24 is one of two Platinum Series snowblowers (Platinum 24, Platinum 30) released as bigger and more powerful counterparts to the compact Professional Series. In particular, both models add along automatic traction control and quick turn chute rotation, not to mention a wide 24” housing for clearing a wide path. Also featured is a 249cc Ariens Polar Force Engine by Briggs & Stratton. Featured, serrated 14” all-steel augers that aggressively pull the snow into the blower, and a 14” three-blade impeller that then discharges the snow up to 50’ away. Reviewers especially appreciate the rotating chute, as it allows them to quickly change the snow dispersal direction in case of high winds. Note that both platinum models are almost identical to the Track Series series models, except that they have a smaller fuel capacity, and they rely on tires instead of tracks.

  • Ariens Platinum Series Snowblower (All Steel)
  • 249cc Ariens Polar Force Engine
  • 120V Electric Start w/Recoil Backup
  • 2.9 Quart Fuel Capacity
  • 6 Forward Speeds / 2 Reverse Speeds
  • 24” Clearing Width
  • 21” Housing Height
  • Ability to Throw Snow 50’
  • Dual-Handle Interlock System
  • Steel Serrated Auger
  • Three Blade Steel Impeller
  • Handles Steep/Tough Terrain Well
  • Automatic Traction Control
  • 200-Degree Quick-Turn Remote Chute Control
  • Recommended Only for Heavy Users
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