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The Ariens AMP 24 Electric is an upper mid-cost two-stage snowblower with a 24" clearing width.

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clears snow very quickly, one pass moves a lot of volume

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will run for hours without needing a gas refill

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narrower 24 inch model takes up less storage space

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extremely flexible speed range, six forward and two reverse

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thick steel construction looks and feels sturdy

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tires are large enough to move over snow of any depth

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makes a great deal of noise, the "muffler" is too small

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need to use some strength to move it around

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The Ariens AMP 24 Electric is an upper mid-cost two-stage snowblower with a 24" clearing width. Ariens promotes this snowblower as being quiet and easy to start (you just Unplug the charger, turn the key, and pull the PTO switch). With every charge of this electric snowblower, you get sixty minutes of use. The snow chute of the AMP 24 Electric throws snow up to 40 feet, and is controlled by remote. The 12", 3 blade impeller of this snowblower helps to ensure a thorough performance. The pin-lock axle of the AMP 24 Electric allows you to drive with two-wheel drive (which has lots of traction), or one-wheel drive (which has lots of maneuverability). As the Ariens AMP 24 Electric does not use gasoline, it gives off no carbon emissions, and so leaves less of an impact on the environment.

  • Throws snow up to 40-feet
  • Up to 60 minutes of use per charge
  • All steel construction w/ a corrosion-resistant polymer battery box
  • 12", 3-blade high speed impeller
  • Fully welded and gusseted frame w/ welded structural truss reinforcement
  • No carbon emissions
  • Remote deflector and chute rotation
  • Pin-lock axle allows high traction two-wheel drive or maneuverable one-wheel drive
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