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It is a passive VGA heatsink designed for the silent operation of even the largest and hottest video cards.

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silent operation (small fans on most video cards are extremely loud and annoying)

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cool operation (most heatsink/fan combinations are cheap and do a very poor job of keeping expensive components cool under any circumstances)

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inexpensive for the silence and comfort

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extends the life of your video card (cooler operation means healthier components)

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generally cannot be reused

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largeness leads to a lot of flex and potential handling issues

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very large - 2 slot cooler, difficult and awkward fit in a tightly packed case

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somewhat risky and difficult to install for novice computer builders

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mounting plate is too malleable - bent by hand and by mounting tightly

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difficult to shift the mounting plate for smaller video cards (4 screws are VERY tiny, easy to lose, tough to loosen)

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voids the warranty of many video cards - depends primarily on the manufacturer of the card (most AMD cards warranties are voided)

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The Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 is a passive VGA heatsink designed for the silent operation of even the largest and hottest video cards. Now in it's second iteration, the S1 is compatible with a number of video cards from both Nvidia and ATI, including the latest 9000 series from Nvidia and 4000 series from ATI. Packaged with miniature heat sinks for both voltage regulators as well as RAM modules, the main S1 heat sink is designed to cool the GPU alone with a copper base and 4 copper heat pipes, spanning out and connecting with 30 alluminum fins. Designed to work passively with no active fan cooling - the S1 is most effective with some airflow in the case to cary away heat. For hotter, often overclocked enthusiast parts, slow 120mm fans are often placed near or on the S1 to aid in cooling but maintaign low volume levels.

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11/16/2008 01:48

Amazing experience with this product.

It is generally overkill for my lightweight 4670, but for the price that is a great thing! The standard of silence I built my PC to was completely decimated by the stock fan on the Sapphire 4670 - even at 3% idling speed (relatively "silent" for the regular PC enthusiast). I was also worried about temperatures running the card completely passive. Idle with the stock HSF option the card ran at 46C and got up to 70C quite easily while playing more intensive games. With the S1 the card idles at 40C and never hits 60C under load.

Final word: A bit of a hassle getting it installed - and voiding your warranty is never fun, but if you're a silent PC enthusiast this is a must have.

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