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The Archos 5 is an MID from Archos, introduced in late August 2008 and is the update to the somewhat popular Archos 605 player.

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Great design for an Archos player

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Fast processor

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Includes Opera web browser with full Flash support

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Great format support

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Good build quality

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Buggy/incomplete features with first firmware

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Sluggish interface

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Requires extra purchases to support certain file formats

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The Archos 5 is an  from Archos, introduced in late August 2008 and is the update to the somewhat popular Archos 605 player. The major upgrades over the 605 include a sturdier, slicker Chromium body, improved user interface and more Internet-enabled applications. With multiple sizes, ranging from 60 to 250GB the Archos 5 can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and play both local and web-based media. To date there are many applications and accessories available for the device, allowing users access to e-mail, Web TV and radio, and the world wide web as well as extended functionality such as GPS or digital over-the-air TV tuner. A resistive touchscreen interface is used to control the unit that flexes under pressure.

  • Screen: 4.8", 800 x 480px
  • Connection options: WiFi
  • Storage: 60, 120, or 250GB HDD
  • Battery life: 4h video, 12h audio
  • Supported formats: AVI, H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, AAC, MP3, WMA, WAV
  • Dimensions: Approx 127.5 x 78.3 x 12.9 mm (for 60GB model) – 250gr
    Approx 127 x 78.8 x 19.4 mm (for 120/250GB models) – 300gr
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10/01/2008 04:01

It's ok so far - just had it for a few days
One bad thing - you cannot order anything from the Archos store if your ship to address is not the same as you billing address. My billing address is a PO Box and they cannot ship to that understandably. This also eliminates the gifting aspect.

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