A structural Koa wood top perfects a design that provides a powerful edge and effortless initiation.

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A structural Koa wood top perfects a design that provides a powerful edge and effortless initiation. Koa was used by Hawaiians 1,000 years ago to create the surfboard.  Directional, factory wax board...ready to ride.


  • Full Wood Top Sheet - Works like a 3rd layer of fiberglass. during construction resin locks the dense wood fibers in place, creating a composite layer that structurally enhances a board, providing added return and durability, while allowing for important weight reduction
  • Poplar Wood Core - The Best choice as a primary wood core material due to its combination of lighter weight performance, durability, & availability
  • Sintruded Base - An extruded compound made from pre-sintered material providing improved durability and speed with added green value of being reclaimed material
  • Structurn Base Finish - Advance base that finish that builds structure into a board's running surface, significantly increasing turn ability and acceleration for more effective riding surface with a scientifically proven pattern that creates less drag.
  • Voodoo Core - Arbor's second lightest core, designed for on-mountain and park riding built with 100% TDS poplar, which is a specially selected lighter grade or wood
  • Progressive Sidecut - A blended tri-radial that provides tighter turning and quicker initiation, while maintaining stability at speed and during landings
  • ISO 2000 Sidewall - Made from an advance blend of ABS and urethane, used on all boards to deliver lasting durability and solid edge performance
  • Quadrax Over Biax Glass - Best for on-mountain and backcountry riding or hitting bigger park/street features
  • Carbon Fiber Strut - Inserting carbon fiber down the center of the board creates a compression strut that livens up a board's longitudinal flex without negatively affecting turn-ability, spin initiation, or landing recoverability
  • 2 x 4 14 - Pack Insert - Provides huge stance range and an amazing level of micro adjustability
  • Shadow Flex - slight tapered thinning of the core profile between the bindings, improves turn and spin initiation tracking in mixed conditions, on the flats, and during landings, and performance on rails, boxes and naturals
  • Durafilm - An ultra thin layer of nylon that tops full length of wood and bamboo topsheets to protect them from damage caused by loose bindings or out of control skier
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