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Two huge brands have collaborated on the Nike + iPod.

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Great way to track miles run per week, calories burned, goals reached, and can map out your route based on where you live via google maps all from the Nike website

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Online integration with

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PowerSong feature (one-click to play your fave song)

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Easily upload run/walk data into iTunes and the web

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Tutorial is very easy to follow.

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Spoken voice feedback

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Not too expensive if you already have a Nano.

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compatible with all ipods

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Battery isn't replaceable (have to buy a new kit if your battery dies)

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Only compatible with the iPod Nano

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only compatible with Nike shoes

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RFID privacy concerns

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Two huge brands have collaborated on the Nike + iPod. If you are a runner and bring your iPod Nano with you, then you can add pace, distance and time statistics with this device. Put the pod in the insole of your shoe and it will beam its stats to your Nano display. The Nike + iPod sport kit is only compatible with the iPod Nano. Press the center button to hear your pace in a spoken voice (your choice between a generic male or female voice). There is a celebrity feedback feature where either the voice of Lance Armstrong or Paula Radcliffe will congratulate you when you achieve a personal best.

You can view run or walk history from within iTunes, and you can upload your data and share and compare results with the community at the Nike+ website. There has been privacy concerns with this device as your position can be intercepted by an RFID receiver.

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07/18/2007 10:04

bummer it only works with the nano

07/18/2007 10:30

I think it is innovative to get to listen to your music as well as updates on how far you have run. The best part about it is that it can upload your data on the computer without having to manually input it.

07/18/2007 10:05

Only nano. wah wah wah. I think this is a great idea, and is really affordable if you already have a nano. I have a watch that does this kind of thing, but not as slick as this. It may be weird to have to run with your nano, though.

07/17/2007 04:03

Ya, it works with Nano. I'm in the process of finding out more information about it and I'll update the description on this page when I do.

07/17/2007 03:56

Does it just work with the iPod Nano? Can it work with other iPods? Indeed it is really cool, a friend of mine showed me the site today and all of the cool benefits with the program.

07/31/2006 02:56

The great thing about this, is that you don't need to shell out a ton of money for a new pair of Nike kicks. A lot of people have been purchasing the kit and then attaching it to their own shoes in a variety of ways. Check them out here (velcro style) and here (cutting in).

07/30/2006 12:54

This is a great price for the functionality. I have a Nike watch and pod combo that does the same thing, but it costs $200. If you have an iPod, then this is a great value. Knowing your pace helps your running/training immensely.

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