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Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc.

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Text boxes can be resized

13 agree

Very cool find interface

11 agree

Open source rendering engine shared with Google Chrome

9 agree

Easy to read fonts

8 agree

improved UI in version 4

6 agree

fastest JavaScript engine of any browser (version 4)

6 agree

Clean uncluttered user interface

6 agree

Much faster than IE or Firefox

6 agree

doesnt crash as easily as IE

6 agree

Passed Acid 3 Test 100% with Webkit

3 agree

compatible with SMBL/Input Manager plugins

3 agree

Driving force behind HTML5

3 agree

compatible with greasekit

3 agree

Popup blocker

2 agree

It's design is great

2 agree

Private browsing mode

2 agree
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Firefox has better/more extensions

18 agree

Can't press "/" to bring up find

9 agree

No native Linux support

4 agree

Not fully functional with all sites

3 agree

Installs with nasty updater

1 agrees

windows version is extremely vulnerable

1 agrees

Windows version looks like MacOS version what causes rendering problems

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Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. and included in Mac OS X. It was first released as a public beta on January 7, 2003, and was included as the default browser in Mac OS X v10.3. A beta version for Microsoft Windows was released for the first time on June 11, 2007 with support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Safari has also been run unofficially on Linux under Wine, but the GUI and graphics do not render properly.

In February 2009 the beta for Safari 4 was released. This release includes a complete visual redesign and multiple new features such as full page zoom, speculative loading, ACID 3 compliance, a new and improved JavaScript engine and Cover Flow for websites.

Originally the browsers layout drew many comparisons to Firefox, though lacking Firefox's modularity. As of Safari 4 however, the developers have gone for a more Google Chrome like appearance. Safari includes a built-in RSS reader, native Quicktime support, an integrated pop-up ad blocker and a Web Inspector - a DOM Inspector-like utility that lets users and developers browse the Document Object Model of a web page.

As of January 2009 the market share held by Safari is a respectable 8.29%.

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02/27/2009 11:43

ya, i have to say that Safari4 is a major step above Safari3. The speed is definitely there, and right now is comparable to Chrome which is nice. Plus it has the better "Awesome Bar" from Firefox, so that's a big plus. Personally, I like the built-in dev tools of the new Safari better than Chrome, however the functionality is still a step below Firebug.

Overall I have to say that I'm really liking the new trend with browsers emphasizing speed and cleanliness over bloated features. Chrome really shook everyone up and for that I do thank Google. With all this competition it'll be really interesting to see how things shape up over the year.

02/26/2009 11:40

With a few added plugins for the Mac version, it's everything I personally need in a browser.
Unfortunately the Windows version does not feature such plugin support, thus Firefox is still a better browser on that platform, in my opinion.

05/15/2008 12:58

Its a better alternative to Internet Explorer, but cannot beat the new version of Firefox.

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