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Mac OS X version 10.5, known as "Leopard", is the 6th version of the OS X line of Mac operating systems.

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Improved Spotlight UI & performance

24 agree

Spaces for virtual desktop management

22 agree

Screen sharing for controlling other machines remotely

21 agree

Evolutionary upgrade

19 agree

Time Machine makes back ups a no-brainer

19 agree

Better performance than Tiger

16 agree

iChat Theater for sharing screens/presentations/etc over video chat

15 agree

Built in parental controls are very powerful

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cover flow makes sorting through pictures easier

14 agree

Using boot camp included in OS X it can run windows

8 agree

World class Cocoa Frameworks with ObjC, IB and much much more

4 agree

Better look than other operating systems

3 agree

Lets users use UNIX by opening Terminal

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Spaces is buggy

13 agree

Not enough major improvements

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New Dock removes useful features from Tiger version

12 agree

No more Classic support for PowerPC Macs

8 agree

Poor support

4 agree

Major glitches on upgrading

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Runs games a little slower

3 agree

Many incompatabilities

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Just as attack-prone as any common version of Windows

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More prone to security attacks, which has been proved

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no native TRIM support (ATA protocol enhancement for SSDs to prevent performance degradation)

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Poor support for hardware other than mac, this is an OS. Should not be dependent on the manufaturer of machine

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poor hardware

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Mac OS X version 10.5, known as "Leopard", is the 6th version of the OS X line of Mac operating systems. Apple introduces over 300 new features in the upgrade from Tiger to Leopard including substantial changes to the desktop. It released today with only one version, in stark contrast to Vista's approach. The biggest new features according to Apple are the new Dock, the new Finder system, the Time Machine feature, and Spaces. The OS in general remains somewhat similar to Tiger so if you're familiar with OS X at all, then you'll be able to use Leopard right away.

  • Single license - $129
  • Family 5-pack license - $199

The new Dock has a change in look and is more 3D, with the "stand" portion reflecting in real-time what is above it, including program windows and wallpapers. Stacks are a new feature of the dock that work similar to smart folders. Leopard will automatically group similar files together and put them under one icon in the doc, you then click on the icon to have the files fan out or appear in a grid view.

Finder undergoes significant changes to its look featuring a more streamlined and accessible side bar. The biggest change is the introduction of a new view named "Cover Flow". This view works similar to iTunes' album view where you flip through the icons. Apple is also introducing a new technology named Quick Look which lets you do an in-depth preview of a multitude of files before fully opening them. Combining Quick Look with Cover Flow lets you easily perform mini slide shows with images, or view videos in quick succession. Quick Look even lets you page through PDF or Keynote presentations.

Spaces is a virtual desktop management system that lets you keep four different virtual desktops, each with their own set of programs running. You can switch between the desktops easily, and rearrange their positioning relative to one another.

Time Machine is an automatic backup, and quick recovery system for your files. With a few clicks you can specify which folders you want to keep backed up, and where they should be stored. Storage can occur on the local drive, or for better backup reliability on an external, or networked drive. The system then keeps a record of every single file that is in those monitored folders, and lets you recover a lost file, or return to a previous version.

As opposed to other recent Operating System releases, Leopard comes in one form that includes everything for all users. This includes 64-bit support, as Steve Jobs said "Leopard is 64-bit top to bottom".

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03/15/2009 09:15

08/28/2008 08:58

Coool-cooool very cool operating system. The friend of mine has such one. I would also. I used a little bit it is beautiful.

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04/02/2008 09:24

I really do not like Apple operating systems. I find that programs are annoying to actually get to stop running, their mouse is annoying, their features hog RAM, and that Vista is better looking. The only plus side here I see is the lack of viruses. And it's not like safari is good, it has no or very little anti-phising, hogs ram, and a lame bookmarking system. And Firefox has good add-ons. Also, while Apple may make Time Machine seem like the all amazing savior, all it really boils down to is your average backup program. It's just got a cute name and is integrated into the OS.

03/09/2008 03:56

i want to try this operating system when i build my intel based pc

01/07/2008 11:33

Not a lot of new features, but enough to make me get the family pack (I have 5 laptops in the house).

Spaces sounded cooler than it turned out to be for me. I'm used to having multiple desktops in linux, and this isn't quite there in terms of configuration and window management as say gnome or kde.

I will say that the parental controls are absolutely amazing. You can create an access list or a deny list (for my daughter I'm using an access list so I have to specify the sites she can visit explicitly). It also keeps track of how long she's on and will log her off (after several minutes and several warnings) automatically when she's used up the time I specified in a given day. It logs. It logs a log. It logs about darn near everything. All chats. All sites visited, and the amount of time at each site.

08/08/2006 10:05

I think Time Machine is really amazing as long as they keep the system resources it uses in check. After using a Version Tracking System for my coding projects, I'd love to have something like that for all the other files on my computer. All done automatically too. Actually, my school provided this kind of snapshot system to students, and I found it to be a huge life saver a few times. And that's all it takes to be worth it.

08/07/2006 10:01

I'm definitely underwhelmed by the new features. I really don't find myself wishing I could go back in time on my computer. I'm a Windows user, and I rarely even make use of the Recycle Bin. Spaces could be cool, though....

08/07/2006 06:52

Check out the article

08/07/2006 05:35

What's Time Machine and Spaces?

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