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Remote Desktop 3.3 is the latest edition of Apple Inc. 's official remote access software, released on January 11th, 2010.

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"Curtain Mode" is great for hiding your password while you log into something, very handy

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"Smart List" saves a lot of time looking for the right machine

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easy to move files back and forth, just drag and drop

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easy to navigate the application, all intuitive

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fast response from the remote desktop

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built-in Actions save a lot of time for the most common functions

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installation is simple, only takes a few minutes

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Remote Desktop 3.3 is the latest edition of Apple Inc.'s official remote access software, released on January 11th, 2010. Designed for administrators or assistants who need to regularly monitor or reference a foreign computer interface, this edition features a "10 Managed Systems" version for fixed situations as well as an "Unlimited Systems" version for larger business use. The program is equipped with 40 "Automator Actions" that automatically carry out a number of common functions, with customizable and third-party user automation also available. Remote "Spotlight" hard drive searches can be carried out for quick access to necessary areas of a given system, and an included dashboard widget provides a one-button overview of a user's surveillance. Text-centrcic status indication is also available, with automated application usage reports that can be organized by category of information. 64-bit file sizes can be quickly dragged and dropped between folders, with Apple claiming process speeds over ten times faster than previous releases. "Curtain Mode" allows those accessing remote setups to temporarily mask their actions from users who may be physically present at a given machine, a function that is ideal for administrative work on public-access computers. Comprehensive user history reports can also be viewed to see what operations have been carried out on public and office systems, with "Smart List" creation allowing a users to view all machines within a chosen set of characteristics. 

  • Apple's official remote access software
  • 10 Managed Systems and Unlimited Managed Systems versions available
  • Universal Binary software
  • Spotlight search capability
  • Automated Actions capability
  • Support Intel Xserve Lights Out application
  • Dashboard widget support
  • Drag and drop capability
  • Curtain mode
  • User history report function
  • No per-client charge
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