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MobileMe is a subscription-based suite of software and web-based applications from Apple Inc.

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Mobile apps and desktop OSX software integration

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Seamless integration for desktop and mobile data

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Offers good improvements over .me

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20GB of online storage, now upgraded to 25GB with Apple iCloud

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Push syncing of mail, calendars, and contacts for Apple mobile products (iPod, iPhone)

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No more online site bulding or slides publisher

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Plenty of free alertnatives

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No iTunes wireless sync

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MobileMe is a subscription-based suite of software and web-based applications from Apple Inc. that automatically synchronizes a user's resources across a selection of hardware devices. Originally released in 2000 as "iTools" and again in 2002 as ".Mac", the service was offered free of charge with online-only support. Since the introduction of the second-generation iPhone in 2008, Apple has integrated cross-system capabilities for both Mac and PC platforms, as well as Apple's iOS. Once subscribed, users are issued an "" email address that provides email, video/image hosting, publicly accessible data storage, personal website and individual calendar publishing within a single domain. This allows access to one's personal data from any computer with internet access,where they can upload new content and edit existing information for immediate synchronization across their registered hardware. 20 gigabytes of email and file storage are provided to individual users each month, with an additional 200-gigabyte cap on data transfers. Additional storage is available via Apple's web-store in 20 or 40-gigabyte increments. The "Family Pack" version of MobileMe includes a single 20-gigabyte account with capability for up to four 5-gigabyte sub-accounts, with the latter being ineligible for storage upgrade. If an iPhone registered to a user's account is lost, it can be located through the program's "Find My iPhone" feature. Relative GPS technology is used to determine the approximate location of the device, with remote options available to apply and change an entry password, erase all contents, and produce an audible pitch during manual search. Ongoing user subscriptions must be renewed annually. 

  • Individual and Family Pack versions available
  • Annual subscription required
  • Compatible with Mac and PC computers, iPhones and iPads
  • Compatible with Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Apple iOS
  • Mail, contacts and iCal support
  • email address provided with purchase
  • Find My iPhone device location technology
  • Individual plan includes 20GB/month email and file storage, 200GB/month data transfer
  • Family Pack plan includes 20GB individual account and four 5GB sub-accounts
  • iDisk storage
  • MobileMe Gallery image and video hosting
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