Logic Studio is a digital audio workstation software suite.

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Logic Studio is a digital audio workstation software suite from Apple that comprises six applications capable of producing high-quality audio files. First released in the Early 2000's as "Logic Pro", the program was initially a collection of the Emagic company's instrument and effect plugins before debuting as Logic Studio in September 2007. The most recent edition - released in July 2009 - includes updated versions Logic Pro 9, Maintage 2, Soundtrack Pro 3, WaveBurner 1.6 and Compressor 3.5. Logic Pro 9 is capable of producing 64-bit audio through a wide variety of software instruments, synthesizers and effects with an included library of royalty-free loops that can be edited to fit virtually any project. Multi-track recording is supported with live instrument input, as well as stereo surround sound mixing of up to 255 channels. MIDI control is capabilities are included with additional output functions, with guitar tablature, chord symbols and drum notation among other acceptable formats. "Flex Time" quantization allows users to alter the rhythmic placement of a recorded piece before or after recording, providing perfect synchronization with other tracks. In conjunction with Mainstage, the program can automatically detect other software plug-ins or DAWs installed on a user's computer for multi-level access within Logic's interface, porting in anything from instrument patches to external samples. The application is also equipped with a number of adjustable guitar and bass effects as well as a selection of vocal backing tracks. The Apple Loops Utility allows users to create their own loops by introducing external audio from any number of sources, with WAV and AIFF formats preferable. The exporting, mastering and burning process is handled in WaveBurner, with a host of genre-specific presets available in addition to bit-rate selections depending on what a file will be used for. Compressor allows Logic-rendered audio to be worked in with other media created with Apple programs, primarily Final Cut Studio. SoundTrack Pro is native to both suites, and can enable back-and-forth processing for synchronized workflow. Additional plug-ins and sounds are available through Apple's "Jam Pack" upgrades, and actual track-by-track studio files from artists such as the Killers and Lilly Allen can be downloaded through the Logic Studio webpage. 

  • Most recent release: version 9.0
  • Similar interface to Garageband
  • Logic Pro 9 DAW
  • Plug-ins and Sounds database
  • Mainstage 2 centralization software
  • MIDI input and output
  • Pro studio files available from popular bands
  • Impulse Response Utility for customized reverberation
  • Apple Loops Utility
  • JamPacks available for increased sounds
  • WaveBurner 1.6 exporting and mastering
  • Compressor 3.5 audio/video compression
  • Final Cut Pro support through Soundtrack 3
  • Various Product Utilities
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