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IWork is a business-geared software suite from Apple Inc.

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Template choose is easy to read and navigate - works quickly to determine the needs of each user/project type

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Application interconnectivity is fantastic - charts and graphs in Pages/Keynote will be automatically updated if source data is altered in Numbers, etc.

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Charting function in Number is much improved - wide variety of display types with intelligent suggestions based on inputted data

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Updated version of Pages word processor is powerful and intuitive - a very reliable alternative to Microsoft Word

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Customizable macro support offers a major leg-up on Microsoft Office 09 - Office no longer supports editable hot-leys

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Wide variety of updated transitions/visual effects in Keynote put it directly on par with Powerpoint

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iWork is a business-geared software suite from Apple Inc. that comprises three applications designed to maximize productivity within the Mac OS platform. Functioning similarly to Apple's iLife suite, the package was first released in 2005 as a successor to the "AppleWorks" line of office suite software products. The most recent edition, "iWork '09", features updated versions of each component: Pages 4.0, Numbers 2.0, and Keynote 5.0. Pages is a word processing application comparable to Microsoft Word that comes equipped with 140 templates for various documents including resumes, newsletters, invitations, reports and task outlines. Word ".doc" documents can be opened in Pages, along with rich-text, plain-text and PDF files. In Numbers, users can create graphs and data tables through spreadsheet-style data entry. Functioning similarly to Microsoft Excel, this application supports multiple table creation within a single document, and includes a variety of templates geared towards finance, education and business. Keynote can be used to create and play multimedia presentations, providing an aesthetic similar to that of Microsoft's Powerpoint software. Slide templates are provided in addition to screen effects and transitions, with the "Magic Move" function providing an animation-like feature through related pictures over separate slides. Remote presentation control can be manually controlled, or remote controlled with an iPhone or iPod touch through WiFi. All three programs included in iWork support interaction with Apple's iLife suite, providing drag-and-drop transferring of images, videos and music. Keynote presentations can be sent to iDVD, iTunes, iWeb and Garageband, with an added Youtube-upload feature. 

  • All-in-one general business tool
  • Most recent release: iWork '09
  • Integrated iLife support
  • Applications available separately for the iPad
  • Secure online document storage at
  • DOC and PDF support in Pages
  • Remote Keynote control via WiFi connection
  • Keynote presentations can be automatically uploaded to Youtube
  • MathType 6 equation support in Pages
Included Applications
  • Pages - business-geared word processing
  • Numbers - data spreadsheet and graphing tool
  • Keynote - digital presentation creation
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