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ILife is a multimedia software suite from Apple Inc.

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iWeb's FTP capability makes working with live websites much easier

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iMovie and iDVD have great functionality and are easy to use

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good integration with online photo galleries

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software integrates well with the OS, becomes another part of the system

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face recognition software is accurate and responsive

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iDVD isn't compatible with older themes from previous versions

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need to upgrade right away to avoid some strange crashes

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inputting a large number of photos for facial recognition takes a long time, fairly tedious

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many of the functions aren't well documented, need to search for 3rd party support online

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iLife is a multimedia software suite from Apple Inc. that comprises five applications designed to maximize user experience within the Mac OS platform. Functioning similarly to Apple's iWork suite, the bundle was first released in 2003 and has been included with all Macintosh computer purchases since. The most recent edition, "iLife '09", features updated versions of four programs: iPhoto 8.0, iMovie 8.0, iWeb 3.0, and Garageband 5.0. In iPhoto, users can upload and sort photos to be auto-categorized by name, place or event, with manual GPS tagging available as well as a "Faces" feature that enables the computer to identify previously uploaded subjects. Editing options such as cropping, retouching, color balancing and red-eye removal are available, with multiple slideshow capabilities that are exportable to iPhone and iPad devices. Once ready, content can be uploaded to a variety of web-hosting services or sent in to have physical copies made. In iMovie, users can import and organize rough video clips for drag-and-drop video editing, easily applying visual effects, annotations and scene transitions. Finished work can be viewed within the program, burned to a disc in conjunction with other files via iDVD, or exported for web and mobile streaming. Garageband functions as a simplified version of Apple's Logic DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), offering multi-track recording capabilities via real or software instruments. "Learn To Play" videos are included that can provide foundational instrument skills, with "Artist Lessons" also available from leading musicians such as Sting, Norah Jones, John Fogerty and Rush. Finally, iWeb provides customized website design that allows users to upload their own images, videos, music and widgets with a large selection of templates to choose from. Social networking integration means that users can arrange to have their friends automatically notified when their site has been updated, with additional publishing capabilities available through MobileMe and FTP. 

  • Comes standard with all Apple Macintosh computers
  • Current release: iLife '09
  • Family pack available for multi-computer support
  • MobileMe synchronization capability
  • "Faces" recognition feature in iPhoto
  • Kodak printing orders available through iPhoto
  • Apple iSight support in iMovie
  • "Learn to Play" mode and "Artist Lessons" in Garageband
  • 1000+ pre-recorded loops in Garageband
Included Applications
  • iPhoto - digital image editing and organization
  • iMovie - digital video production
  • iDVD - customized DVD burning 
  • iWeb - comprehensive website creation
  • Garageband - digital audio production
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