Final Cut Studio is a professional-level audio and video production software suite from Apple Inc.

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Final Cut Studio is a professional-level audio and video production software suite from Apple Inc. that comprises six primary applications for high-quality film production. First released as the "Final Cut Pro" standalone editor in in 1999, the program went through a variety of function and interface changes before debuting as a bundle in 2003. The most recent edition - released in July 2009 - includes updated versions of each application with the exception of DVD Studio Pro 4: Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, Color 1.5 and Compressor 3.5. Final Cut Pro 7 is center of the suite, providing a non-linear high-definition video editing environment with all Quicktime-supported movie types. Non-destructive multi-camera content production is supplemented with a host of video effects and audio filters. Encoding takes place in "Compressor", with optimized settings included for Blu-Ray discs, iPods and iPads, and Apple TV among others. In the interest of latency-free playback during editing, "DynamicRT" technology can provide real-time effect architecture that will automatically adjust the quality of a given production to ensure smooth playback. In "Motion", users can create and adjust two and three-dimensional motion-graphics for titling screens and film interludes, with capability for full animated feature production. "Color" helps to add liveliness to images created in Color that are lost during telecine transfer, with a number of options to suit the climate of a piece. "SoundTrack Pro" is a comprehensive sound design application with a similar interface to that of Apple's Garageband and Logic programs, and includes over 5000 royalty-free instrument loops for production integration. Final Cut Studio 2009 also includes Cinema Tools 4.5 and Qmaster 3, both of which providing a more in-depth film processing experience. 

  • Most recent release: July 2009
  • HD content compatibility
  • Supports all Quicktime movie types
  • 3-way color correction filter
  • DynamicRT real-time effects architecture 
  • Final Cut Pro 7 movie editor
  • Motion 4 graphic designer
  • Soundtrack Pro 3 sound designer
  • DVD Studio Pro 4 burning program
  • Color 1.5 grading system
  • Compressor 3.5 video encoding
  • Cinema Tools 4.5 and Qmaster 3 processors
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