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The Apple iPad Case is an iPad case designed by the iPad producer, Apple.

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Light weight only 6 ounces

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Extremely thin design

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Outside material is soft and is nice to the touch

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No-nonsense design

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Priced competitively with other non-Apple alternatives

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iPad fits snuggly inside the compartment but still relatively easy to take out

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Works as a stand in both landscape and horizontal orientation

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Won't protect your iPad from more severe accidents - isn't very tough

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Case can get smudgy

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iPad fits a little too snuggly in the case which can make it difficult to get out

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case can cut after 3 months of use

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No mechanism to keep the front lid closed

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The Apple iPad Case is an iPad case designed by the iPad producer, Apple. Priced similarly as competitor models, the Apple iPad case is a bare-bones lightweight featuring a reinforced protective lids designed for an easy grip, although critics have complained that smudges, streaks, and dirt tend to stick onto it. Nevertheless, the lid can be flipped open to reveal a soft micro-fiber interior wherein the iPad can be tucked in. More importantly, the unit can be folded horizontally or vertically, allowing the iPad to be set up for watching a video or typing on the onscreen keyboard. Included also are cutout holes for the ports and dock connector.

  • Apple Produced iPad Case
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Reinforced Lids
  • Micro-Fiber Interior
  • Hole/Control Cutouts
  • Horizontal/Vertical Placement
Available Color Variations
  • MC361ZM/A | Black
Post Review
03/10/2011 10:45

I have to admit that this smart cases accessory is an absolutely genius move by Apple. One of the first things people did when they bought an #apple_ipad would be to get a case. Of which it was a pretty difficult process since there were so many options, and the official #apple_ipad_case wasn't very good.

With this move Apple has effectively increased the average price of the iPad by $40-$70 since a vast majority of people will be picking these up with their #apple_ipad_2's. Sure it might not be the absolute best case, but it's good enough and they don't have to think about what to get and that's what most people care about.

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