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Available in 10 colours and 2 materials, this sleek cover enhances use without adding bulk or weight to your device.

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Relatively easy to take the cover on and off

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Magnetized latches means that it won't go out of place

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Automatically wakes and sleeps the iPad 2

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Provides two different "stand" configurations, one for typing, and one for watching

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Available in a wide variety of colors

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Designed in sync with the iPad 2

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Adds very little weight and volume to the iPad

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Doesn't protect against falls like more rugged cases

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Doesn't cover the back of the iPad

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Leather cover is pretty darn expensive

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Bright colour covers get dirty easily

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The Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover has been designed to use with Apple iPad 2 to provide protection, improve positioning of your iPad 2 and to make your iPad 2 more personal to you. Available in 10 colours and 2 materials, this sleek cover enhances use without adding bulk or weight to your device.

The Smart Cover attaches onto your iPad and is held in place with magnets, both on the iPad itself and corresponding on the cover. Once in place, the cover can be folded in several different places making it easy to position your iPad for optimum usage. During FaceTime or video use, the cover can be folded to make your iPad stand like a picture frame, and the same stand can be used to elevate the iPad during typing. The Smart Cover also folds in half to expose the back-facing camera for easy photo or video shooting. Another Smart Cover feature is that it wakes your iPad up when lifted, and puts it to sleep when replaced.  With this being a cover rather than a case, the Smart Cover provides protection for the screen while giving quick and easy access to your iPad device.

Only available for the iPad 2.

  • Self-aligning magnetic hinge keeps the Smart Cover in place
  • Puts the iPad to sleep on closing
  • Wakes iPad up on opening
  • Available in 2 materials: Leather and polyurethane
  • Available in 10 colours - 5 in each material
  • Can be folded into a stand
  • Lightweight
  • Microfibre lining to help protect screen
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03/10/2011 10:45

I have to admit that this smart cases accessory is an absolutely genius move by Apple. One of the first things people did when they bought an #apple_ipad would be to get a case. Of which it was a pretty difficult process since there were so many options, and the official #apple_ipad_case wasn't very good.

With this move Apple has effectively increased the average price of the iPad by $40-$70 since a vast majority of people will be picking these up with their #apple_ipad_2's. Sure it might not be the absolute best case, but it's good enough and they don't have to think about what to get and that's what most people care about.

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