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The 2nd generation iPod Touch improves on the original iPod Touch with a slimmer formfactor and built-in speaker.

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WiFi capable

27 agree

Volume controls directly on the machine

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shares the same touchscreen application system as the iPhone

26 agree

Better battery life than previous version

23 agree

Higher capacity for cheaper

19 agree

Syncs with Outlook contacts/calendar/mail accounts

18 agree

Lots of add-on applications and games available

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Awesome multitouch user interface.

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improved battery life

15 agree

built in compatibility with Nike+

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Add-on software easy to install and cheap

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Much more than a PMP - email, web browser, games, apps

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High quality (256k AAC) downloads available from iTunes from major record labels WITHOUT DRM.

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Excellent sound quality

7 agree

lots of apps

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easily customizable, both onscreen and outer

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Glass screen

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native multitasking w/jailbreak

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Speaker is very low-fi

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No bluetooth

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Restricted to iTunes

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Not much different from previous versions

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No copy/paste

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Low sound quality

8 agree

Lack of customizability

6 agree

Appaling LCD screen pales in comparison to rivals glorious AMOLED screens

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Expensive compared to better products

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Expensive to modify

4 agree

Poor Customer Service

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have to jailbreak if you want any customization

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Expensive for limited storage

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bad battery life

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battery sucks

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Poor audio codec support (lacking OGG/FLAC)

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No micro SD/SDHC Expansion capabilities

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speaker has bad bass

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Don't have expansion storage(SD/microSD) for a low built in storage(8GB-basic)

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2009 low end version is a complete scam to get users to splurge for the upgraded 32GB version

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Lacking standard USB connection; forced to use apple's proprietary docking connector

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Poor battery life (20 hours audio)

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The 2nd generation iPod Touch improves on the original iPod Touch with a slimmer formfactor and built-in speaker. The same innovative touchscreen is the biggest asset to the iPod Touch, although volume buttons are available for easy access on the side. The updated version has easy access to the Apple App Store, making it, as Steve Jobs would like you to believe, a portable gaming device. The iPod Touch is cheaper than its predecessor, with the 16GB version retailing for $299 (versus the original $399).

The 3rd generation iPod Touch doubles the capacity for the two higher end units, as well as bumping up their internals to be as powerful as the latest iPhone revision, the iPhone 3GS. Capable of running OpenGL 2.0, Steve Jobs later said in an interview that this was to further the Touch as a gaming platform. The cheaper 8GB version of the Touch remains the exact same as the previous generation but did see a slight $30 drop in price.

New Features

2009 Additions

  • Improved capacities
  • Faster processing and graphics power (the same internals as the new iPhone 3GS)

2008 Features

  • Genius Playlist - Apple makes playlists for you, based on your existing music library, creating music that flows together
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Built-in Nike+iPod running aid (requires shoe sensor)
  • Longer batter life (audio - 30 hours, video - 6 hours)
  • Easily accessible volume controls
Features and specs
  • Multi-Touch interface
  • 3.5" color touch screen display
  • 480 x 320 pixel resolution; 163 pixels / inch
  • WiFi 802.11b/g wireless access
  • Battery life: audio - 30 hours, video - 6 hours
  • Dimensions: 4.3" (H) x 2.4" (W) x 0.33" (D) 
  • Weight: 4.05 oz (115 g)
  • 480p and 576p component TV out
iPod Touch versions

September 2009 Versions

  • 8GB, $199
  • 32GB, $299
  • 64GB, $399

September 2008 Versions

  • 8GB, $229
  • 16GB, $299
  • 32GB, $399
Differences from iPhone
  • No access to phone networks
  • No microphone
  • No camera
  • No Bluetooth
  • No GPS receiver
Post Review
09/10/2009 04:35

What a complete disappointment! I was hoping the Touch would see a nice low end upgrade to 16GB. This ripoff especially bothers me. Everyone knows Apple makes premium products for exorbitant prices but this is so transparent it's sickening. It's unfortunate nobody has anything that can match the overall functionality of the Touch, but ultimately I just need a quality PMP - and there are certainly those that can provide 16GB and competitive features (where they truly count) for $200.

01/03/2009 10:30

Although I disagree that the iTouch looks bad and sound bad, I think mattmach33 right about the price. The wifi is great for email/app store/etc... while waiting for coffee or whatever. Hopefully the iTouch will spur the competition to make something even better, haven't seen anything yet though.

01/01/2009 09:12

These sound horrible, look horrible, are too heavy, have horrible lcd ghosting screens and are way too expensive for how much they are limited by drm/itunes. There are a few features, but wifi is pointless in the age of smartphones and there are too many things this is missing to justify Apple's classically high price tag

12/31/2008 11:32

got to use one of there and they are really great with lots of features

09/19/2008 11:56

Played with one of these at an Apple Store recently, and I really want to pull the trigger soon... Time to cash in the 'ol Best Buy giftcards.

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