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The fifth generation Apple Macbook Pro was announced and released on October 14, 2008.

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Multi-touch glass trackpad

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Thinner than previous gen @ 0.95"

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Backlit keyboard.

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LED Backlit screen.

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Sleek Macbook Air aluminum styling with clean screen bezel

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Unibody design.

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Slot loading DVD drive.

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Chiclet-style keyboard

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Better battery life because of LED and Penryn core

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Very quiet internal fans.

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LED screen on 15.4" model is brighter than LCD

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Photo editing is a pleasure.

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well designed understatement

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Runs crysis when running on Windows XP.

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OS never crashes; nearly 100% immune to viruses; aluminum case very durable; needs less memory to run large applications; fully integrated with Apple's admittedly highly proprietary system, including the Apple cloud, which allows nearly simultaneous updating across computers and iPods/iPhones.

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Major selling points for NVidia dual GPUs are disabled currently: no Hybrid SLI or on-the-fly switching of the two GPUs

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Slightly heavier than predecessor

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No significant performance upgrades over previous generation

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Very hot

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Software artificially restricts iTunes HD content from playing at full resolution to non-HDCP monitors

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Touchpad has no mouse button, no tap-to-click; can be confusing for those who are used to normal computers

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The fifth generation Apple Macbook Pro was announced and released on October 14, 2008. New to the Macbook Pro line, over the 4th generation, is the inclusion of a multi-touch glass trackpad (no mouse button) with new gestures for app switching, Macbook Air aluminum stylings, and a glossy screen similar to the last iMac computers. The Macbook Pro has been slimmed down slightly, no coming in at 0.95 inches thick, but is now slightly heavier at 5.5 lbs. The Macbook Pro has a new internal structured, rumoured to be called "brick", that includes room for NVIDIA's 9400M GPU + chipset and a supplemental 9600M GPU. There are three Macbook Pro options available: 1) 15.4" LED, 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR3 RAM, bot GPUs for $1999, 2) same as option 1, but upgrades to 4 GB of RAM, and a 320 GB hard drive for $2499, and 3) a 17" LCD with a 2.6 GHz CPU starting at $2799. See details for information about the 2009 update to this model.

Updated in early 2009 at MacWorld, the 17" model was updated to a unibody build. The standard build now includes: 17" LED-backlit 1920x1200 LCD, 320GB 5400RPM SATA drive, and 4GB of DDR3. Excitingly, the build remains at the $2799 price point  - and while the battery is now non-removable, it is rated for an amazing 7-8 hours depending on which GPU is in use.

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09/30/2009 12:48
For clarification, I have the 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo model with 4 GB of RAM

Though this is not the first laptop I have used, it is the first laptop I have owned and I am in love. It was my only computer for this past summer and it performed fantastically and now that I am home again and around other computers, I prefer to use it over my usual machines.

I don't have any real 'cons' to list because, as I said, I don't have much to compare it to but I do want to emphasize that this machine is whisper quiet for me. I actually thought something was *wrong* with it because it was so quiet - I usually have to put my ear on it to hear anything! (Note that I am usually using my MBP in a cool-ish environment). Also I don't find it to be a very hot laptop. Past PC laptops I have used would scald your legs if you sat it in your lap but I can sit for a few hours with this on my lap and it only just gets slightly uncomfortable. So if this is what people mean by "Too hot" then I am impressed. ;)

Other items of note:
. I LOVE the 'chickle' style keyboard with the black keys set apart from one another. It makes touch-typing easier than on older models whose keys bled into one another, making it easy to drift away from proper home row position. And because the keys are pretty much identical to current Apple keyboards, there's none of that readjustment that used to happen when swapping between typing on a clunky external keyboard and a too-small laptop. Also, the backlighting works and looks great, especially with the black keys.

. The multi-touch pad. I love this thing so much I wish I could buy an external one to use on my other computers. The gestures are useful, especially for browsing files (two-finger scrolling and a multi-finger swipe to go back and forward through nested folders, etc). Its smooth *and* you can set up the pad to 'click' with a touch-tap rather than depressing the entire pad (the entire pad is a button and there are no other click buttons). Tapping is much easier on the fingers and I find it frustrating that other laptops (like my sister's plain MacBook) do not have this feature.

Those are just the highlights for me. I'm sure people with much more laptop experience can get into more technical pros and cons but I am satisfied with my purchase. :)
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