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The MacBook Pro is Apple's top of the line laptop computer meant for the power user who needs the more capable hardware.

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Dual-boot Windows XP/Vista because Intel CPU

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Very nice display

13 agree

Great looking laptop. Very sleek and stylish (par for the course from Apple)

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Great performance with Intel Core 2 Duo

9 agree

Lightweight and small size (15.4"=5.4 lbs, 17"=6lbs)

8 agree

Firewire 800 support

5 agree

Great wireless range and pick up

4 agree

Magnetic power cable

3 agree

IEEE 802.11n support

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Backlit keyboard, automatic backlight

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Can burn dual-layer DVDs

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Runs Mac OS X

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Built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

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Price competive

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Fairly poor batterly life (~3 hrs of wireless productivity)

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ExpressCard34 slot instead of PC Card slot

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has the uncommon Mini DisplayPort instead of HDMI or DVI

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Battery doesn't last too long after fully charged

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glossy display (reflections bother). just unnecessary styling. decreases productivity.

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display adapters (DVI, VGA etc) are expensive! (and your only option for connection an external display)

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no integrated memory card reader for SD/xD/MS/CF cards etc. (17" model)

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no Blu-Ray drives available, not even external ones

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MacOS X doesn't support Blu-Ray playback, and can burn Blu-Ray only with 3rd party software

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Poor hardware quality: In 2 years, fans failed, superdrive failed and logic board failed twice

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no integrated 3G WWAN available

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only 2 USB ports (15" and smaller models)

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The MacBook Pro is Apple's top of the line laptop computer meant for the power user who needs the more capable hardware. These laptops contain faster processors, larger hard drives, and more RAM than the regular mainstream MacBooks. The MacBook Pros are also larger coming in at 15" and 17" varieties, along with the brushed steel casing, where the regular MacBooks are constructed out of hard plastic.

On June 5th 2007, Apple upgraded the MacBook Pros to make use of Intel's new Santa Rosa platform. Santa Rosa is the latest generation of Intel's Centrino lineup which is the moniker that Intel has given a suite of technologies for laptops that use its chips. Santa Rosa indicates the use of the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a new chipset that includes a faster and more dynamic front side bust to increase speed and lower power consumption, and a new wireless network adapter that can communicate on the A/B/G/N protocols. The most recent wireless N protocol increases speed over the previous G standard by up to five times, while increasing connection area by two times.

Many Centrino based notebooks make use of Intel's own graphics processing technology which is less powerful than a dedicated solution. However, the MacBook Pros use the nVidia GeForce 8600 graphics processor which is capable of playing any modern game and even graphic intensive production software. For the 15" model Apple is also introducing an LED backlight for the first time in an Apple laptop. Using an LED system Apple claims that battery life is extended by 30 minutes to an hour depending on the context, and startup time is improved. The overall brightness of the display, and the viewing angle remain the same as the conventional lighting system used on the older models, and the current 17".


Almost every attribute of the MacBook Pro can be upgraded when making the purchase, these are the base specs the systems ship with listed on Apple's store website.

MacBook Pro 15"

  • 15.4" display at 1440x900 resolution
  • 2.2GHz or 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 120GB Hard drive (160GB on 2.4GHz version)
  • 128MB nVidia GeForce 8600 GT graphics card (256MB on 2.4GHz version)
  • 5.4 pounds
  • 8x SuperDrive
  • 1 FireWire 400 port
  • 1 FireWire 800 port
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports

MacBook Pro 17"

  • 17" display at 1680x1050 resolution (1920x1200 available as an option)
  • 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • and the rest of the specs the same as the 15" 2.4GHz model
Post Review
07/16/2007 06:19

I have the MacBook Pro 15-inch (pre-LED display model) with all the extras (2Gb RAM, 256 X1600). Having come from a stout Windows background I decided to buy a MacBook Pro having used Macs at work where many colleagues are Mac fans. I still have an Asus W3V that I use at work, though its become the ugly cousin that I use only if I have to. I've managed to migrate all my everyday software to a equivalent Mac OS X versions, but I run the latest version of Parallels with Windows XP just in case. After six months of use I've come from being negative towards Macs to someone who now would only ever consider buying a Mac running Mac OS X in future. Mac OS X comes with lots of applications out of box and I love the fact that it 'just works', no fiddling or tweaking. But its not without its cons. Its not the best value for money considering that I could by two MacBooks for similar cost, but its one beautiful looking machine. Entering and exiting sleep with the Intel chips is sometimes problematic as compared to the PowerPC chips (I know my wife runs an iBook 12 inch). Also Mac OS X networking layer isn't as tolerant as Windows, sometimes I am connected by cable but then I switch over to WiFi. It takes Mac OS X a while to figure out what's going on so I sit there watching the beach ball spin for a while.

07/13/2007 11:38

thumbed down the Core2Duo point considering Intel's quietly admitting that there ar some fatal flaws in the CPU. Otherwise, these are great laptops, the limited use of metal in them means they get amazing wireless pick up

07/11/2007 11:21

If you're going to get a laptop. I say go Mac in some way because of the dual-boot situation. The Macbook Pro is a great choice for performance in a small, sleek package. I would run Windows, since I don't like OS X. When I watch Leo Laporte on G4 Tech TV, every single tech nerd has a mac running window Vista. I think it confuses people.

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