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This redesign brings the MacBook closer to the MacBook Pro in almost all respects.

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full aluminum body, LED backlighting, NVIDIA graphics

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a work of art - nicer and more refined than any other consumer notebook

18 agree

half a pound lighter than any previous MacBook

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runs OSX and Windows and Linux and...

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Huge multi-touch trackpad

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eliminates most of the issues users had with the original design

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significantly longer battery life than previous MacBooks

9 agree

environmentally friendly construction

8 agree

MagSafe power plug is very cool

7 agree

works extremely well with other Mac hardware

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.9" thick

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Gestures are AMAZING

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Right click works just fine (trackpad is multitouch).

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It's a Mac = very easy to set up and use, and doesn't crash every once in a while like a PC.

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costs more than the previous MacBooks

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no HDMI or Blu-ray options

15 agree

same old 1280x800 resolution

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student discount has been reduced from $100 to $50

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still using proprietary video-out (albeit small and cute)

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no firewire! (an artificial way to control consumers )

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Apple multi-touch isn't all that impressive compared to the multi-touch you find on much cheaper EEE pcs

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requires all components (router, etc) to be from Apple to extract maximum value

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sharp edges hurt wrists while typing

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No right click!

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Apple tax

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Doesn't stay firm on your lap, it's "slippery".

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Introduced on October 14th 2008, the 6th generation MacBook included a revolutionary redesign rather than standard evolutionary update process that is seen with previous generations. This redesign brings the MacBook closer to the MacBook Pro in almost all respects, and forced Apple to play the dangerous game of removing key standard features such as Firewire in order to artificially influence consumer and prosumer buying patterns. Due the wide variety of updated (specific updates are listed below) the price of the MacBook – one which usually remains static even when updates are released - has also been updated. The price has now gone up across the board: with two versions of the aluminum MacBook coming in at $1299 and $1599, Apple has also included an older style plastic MacBook for those uninterested in the enhanced version and its higher cost. For $999 users get what appears to be a 5th generation MacBook – with 1GB of DDR2, a 120GB drive and Intel GMA 3100 graphics.


A completely redesigned all aluminum enclosure is the first major change. This change is mainly aesthetic but also frees MacBook users from plastic that gets brittle, discolours or cracks. This also allows internal components to wisp away heat through the case more easily.

The MacBook gets an upgraded LED backlight - a feature already found on the MacBook Pro. This backlight uses less energy (extends battery life), produces darker blacks, does not contain mercury, and doesn't dim over time like regular CCFL backlighting.

Integrated graphics from Intel have always forced OSX graphics driven Expose events to stutter on MacBooks. An updated onboard Nvidia 9400M graphics chip which performs 5x faster than any Intel offering eliminates this – and paves way for future graphical improvements in OSX. This also allows users to take part in GPU driven professional applications such as Adobe Photoshop CS4, however due to artificial limitations and less-than-ideal speed a MacBook Pro is the preferred tool for these applications.

A new glass multi-touch trackpad similar now to those on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is included. This update gives users a larger, nicer feeling trackpad with advanced functionality which accepts multi-finger touch commands much like the iPhone and Ipod Touch.

DDR3 Ram is now available for laptops, and is being used in the aluminum MacBooks. This RAM is faster than previous DDR2.

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10/11/2009 12:15

No right click? Which troll wrote that?

07/31/2009 09:26

I bought the new macbook as soon as they came out, and I am not disapointed, it's a great laptop

11/27/2008 04:17

I got the new MacBook 2 weeks ago, I gave my black macbook to my sister and picked one of these up for myself because I wanted the enhanced nvidia graphics card. I am happy with it.

11/27/2008 02:52

Anybody pick one of these up yet?

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