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The first generation Apple iPhone was touted as a total revolution in mobile devices.

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Innovative touchscreen gesturing UI

42 agree

Two-finger interface to resize images

33 agree

Great web browser for such a small device

32 agree

screen with high dpi which is easier on the eyes

31 agree

A lot of smart and convenient features that make the overall device very polished

29 agree

Great interface to look on music library.

28 agree

Big, beautiful screen is great for showing people pictures, videos

14 agree

Great cell phone features, incl. visual voice mail

12 agree

Very very cool design an usability

10 agree

January 2008 firmware upgrade. It is almost like getting the second gen phone free.

7 agree

OS 3 for iPhone

4 agree
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33 agree

Not 3G yet

33 agree

No GPS support

21 agree

Cannot replace battery - soldered to the motherboard

18 agree

Available from one service provider only

17 agree

Not open to third party application development

16 agree

Memory not expandable - no memory cards

14 agree

Restricted to iTunes

10 agree

Hard to use digital keyboard

7 agree

Poor credit? AT&T performs a credit check on you when you're interested in purchasing this phone. (USA)

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Unlocked iPhones become bricks with firmware version v1.1.1

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Relatively easy to scratch screen

3 agree

No FM Transmitter

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Don't Drop IT! Glass face plate is bonded to the LCD module, EXPENSIVE TO REPAIR

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UGLY compared to the new models

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HUGE compared to the new models

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The first generation Apple iPhone was touted as a total revolution in mobile devices. The iPhone boasts an impressive list of features and specifications and is summed up in 3 ways: iPod + cell phone + Internet connectivity. Any traditional forms of interacting with mobile devices has been stripped away to leave room for one large touchscreen. The first generation iPhone has been superceded by the iPhone 3G, and more recently the iPhone 3GS which most adds 3G network support and GPS functionality in a slightly smaller form factor.

Interaction is achieved through touching the screen, not with a stylus, but with fingers. This has allowed Apple to create more advanced forms of touch interaction that includes multi-point gestures (for example, zoom in on a section of a web-page by pinching the screen with 2 fingers).

  • accelerometer (to detect orientation)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • stripped down version of OSX
  • iPod music, video and picture playback
  • touch-screen based controls
  • proximity sensor so screen and headphone audio turn off when device is brought to your face
  • intuitive phone systems for calling and managing address book
  • A ton of PDA software
  • web browser, Google maps, full POP and IMAP e-mail support
  • syncs with iTunes
  • glass surface to reduce smears and scratches
  • 8GB - $399 | 16GB - $499

When the iPhone first launched there were two versions available, but due to strongly slanted sales the 4GB version has been discontinued with the 8GB retailing for $399. This price is actually $200 less than the $599 they launched with and dropped the price only three months later. In February 2008 Apple released a 16GB version for $499.

8 hours of battery life for talk time, 7 hours for watching movies, and 24 hours for audio playback with 250 hours of standby time.

Third parties can provide iPhone applications through the Safari interface. The details are still unclear, but developers can use standard website coding conventions to interact with the iPhone in a secure and reliable manner.

iTunes support

Using the iPhone's wireless connectivity, or Edge data network users can connect to the Wi-Fi iTunes music store. This allows people to purchase and download music directly from their iPhone without a computer. Purchased music automatically syncs with your computer when the iPhone is reconnected.

iPhone users are also given an extra option in the iTMS through the purchase of custom ring tones. Ring tones can be purchased for 99 cents on top of the price of the song. If you already own the song then you only have to pay an extra 99 cents, but if you don't then you have to purchase both for $1.98. The ring tones are not premade, instead you can create your own snippet of the song to use as a ring tone at a maximum length of 30 seconds. As of this writing 500,000 songs are available for ring tones.

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09/18/2008 10:52

I didn't want the iPhone because I thought that the Blackberry Bold would kick ass, but I too caved in and got a 16GB model. Using for about 3 months now I have to say that I'm impressed by the little device, it's a little overrated but it's pretty cool. The only thing I don't like about the iPhone is the silly price plan that I signed upto, 3 years @ $60+.12% of tax for 75 text msgs, 400MB data (use wifi at home, office, and work site), 150min (though I work at night so 9-6am are free) and free hotspot access, though limited till 12/2008.

05/15/2008 01:12

Having the ability to check/send email at anytime is a great thing to have. Sure the blackberry can do that, but its keys are too small and cramped together. Once you play around with the software keyboard on the iPhone, you can type incredibly fast. Also, the amount of 3rd party programs available is unreal. iFlickr, Tweet and AudioScrobbler are some of the best portable applications I have ever used.

09/29/2007 12:14

I finally gave in, and got myself one! Love it. The email interface could use some work (no button to "mark all as read" or "mark as spam", etc, but overall, a lovely device, and a pleasure to use!

09/21/2007 12:35

It depends on what you're looking for, as there's no unqualified BEST CASE EVER out there, at least not from what I've read, and it seems like it's an issue for quite a few people. Looking at this thread it looks like the most recommended cases are the iSkin Revo, BestSkinsEver Total, Sena UltraSlim Pouch, Contour Desing's Showcase, and Agent18's Eco iPhone Shield.

You mentioned that you've already read reviews, so maybe you've encountered these suggestions already. I think the market for the iPhone cases is still confused, so maybe you can go with a cheaper option now to hold you over until something better comes along?

09/21/2007 12:19

I've had my iphone for two weeks now and I love it!!! I can't say enough great things about it... I have a question for those of you that have one as well... what's the best case to buy? I've been reading a lot of reviews and there have been mixed reviews. It doesn't seem like they have made a really great case yet. Any suggestions?

09/06/2007 05:48

Well, seems like I wasn't the only one to call Apple out on their price drop. Steve Jobs has apparently been bombarded with emails and has written an open letter to address the issue. The bottom line: you can get $100 store credit for the Apple retail store or the iTunes store.

09/05/2007 05:06

If you bought an iPhone when it came out then you're an Apple fanboy who doesn't mind giving Mr. Jobs your money. Personally, I never buy new technology when it first releases for exactly this reason. It is a pretty surprising move though since Apple traditionally keeps their prices high for a long time. In fact that's one of the reasons why people buy their stuff on release because they know it'll keep that price for a while. Stupid move on Apple's part. Or maybe it was a genius move to spur more sales? Who knows.

All I know is that this thing just became that much more affordable.

09/05/2007 04:44

Given Apple's questionable (IMHO) move to decrease the iPhone price by $200 since its release just over 2 months ago, this might come as a small consolation to a few of you: if you bought it in the last 14 days, according to Apple's return policy, you can get the $200 back.

08/16/2007 02:23

I had the chance to play with an iPhone pretty extensively over the past few days and my overall impression is: impressed. I've read the reviews and impressions from other people, but nothing compares to experiencing the device yourself.

The big standout feature to me is the browsing experience. Even with it's slow EDGE speed, being able to browse the Internet at anytime is an incredible powerful tool. Sure other devices have let you do that, but the browsing on the iPhone is actually GOOD. The huge and clear screen, alongside the fully functional browser make it a truly portable Internet in the palm of your hand. I really can't stress how great this is.

Apple didn't just stop there, but they've applied a level of polish to the entire device, including the browser that makes it so EASY to use. Example: A contact page for a towing company had their phone number listed. Instead of having to remember or write down the number from the screen, you just tap the phone number and the iPhone calls it automatically. So easy. So useful.

What the iPhone represents is a new step towards the future. Sure other devices have already done what the iPhone does. But none of them do it so well. And none of them look so good doing it. The bright and clear screen makes all the difference in the world. When a 3G, GPS enabled iPhone comes out in the next few years, then it really will be the ultimate convergence device and I can't think of anything more I'd want out of it.

As of now the iPhone a taste of what is to come, by Apple and other companies. Just like the first iPods changed the landscape of the portable media world,the iPhone will push other cell phone manufacturers to step up their game, and change how we use mobile devices forever.

07/16/2007 02:01

Funny, I would think it would have made him one of the more popular people in the group! I know what you mean about the price, though. It's ridiculously high, remember when phones came for free with the plan?

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