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Apple iPod Shuffle is a portable MP3 player built to be as small and light as possible.

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quite compact and lightweight - not cumbersome for use on the go, working out, etc...

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can now be used with any headphones you want

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ample 2GB of storage for the occasional music / podcast listener

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'voice over' functionality carries over for the last generation - improves overall usability of the device by allowing the user to find out what song is playing, navigate playlists

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quality materials and build

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available in five colours

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brings back the physical controls over the silly control-less design of the last generation

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beautiful Apple aesthetic

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affordable price point

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built-on clip for securing the shuffle to clothing

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always the same price (doesn't start more expensive and get cheaper as the device gets older, as is common with most consumer electronics - a great deal to buy at launch)

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works with iTunes only - designed with a proprietary 'walled garden' approach in mind (the intention to sell you music and applications from a single source, limit how you use your device)

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clip lacks a good front finger grip for pinching - leads user to hitting the back button when trying to clip the device while in use

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the same price throughout its life cycle (generally becomes a worse deal as the year progresses as an upgraded model will be available for the same cost to the consumer in September)

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no display - very difficult to use for those uninterested in micromanaging playlists, wanting specific songs or podcasts without the hassle

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a step backwards to the second generation design

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Apple iPod Shuffle is a portable MP3 player built to be as small and light as possible. New to the fourth generation release is clickable track and volume controls, which had been removed in the third generation in favor of touch controls. While the design resembles the second generation, the click wheel is 18% larger for easier use. A new VoiceOver function allows for a computer-generated voice to read the artist and track name to the listener at the touch of a button. Multiple playlists are also now supported, and Genius Mixes are enabled for automatically generated lists. A built-in clip allows for easy fastening to clothes or other accessories, and a 2GB storage capacity is built in as well.

  • Square form factor
  • Light and small design
  • Large clicking buttons
  • VoiceOver button
  • Multiple playlists, Genius Mixes
  • 2GB storage
  • Built-in clip
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06/17/2012 12:27

so nice ,

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