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It all started with the wheel and compact design.

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Big capacity upgrade compared to previous models

21 agree

New UI elements are interesting

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Great battery life

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Great price for an 80GB media player - $249

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Excellent Design

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160gb version

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Limited file support - no Ogg Vorbis

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Not enough changed compared to previous models

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Crippled by Apple - Can only be used on 1 computer or i-Tunes wipes the iPod !

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Little or no recording capabilities (even compared with other iPods)

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160gb version cancelled

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Sharp edge around the aluminum front panel

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No bluetooth headphones (A2DP) capability.

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It all started with the wheel and compact design. Since the introduction of the first iPods the line has undergone many changes and additions, but the main iPod always remained undergoing constant feature improvements and capacity upgrades. Now the iPod undergoes a name change to the iPod Classic making room for the iPod Touch. The Classic is the direct sucessor to what was previously known as the iPod Video. Again, the main differences are new features and increased capacity.

The body is made entirely metallic with an anodized look. From a software perspective the interface is improved with what Apple calls their "Enhanced UI" which is also found on the new iPod Nanos. When browsing music and photos album covers and thumbnails randomly fade in and out of the screen. While listing to a particular song the album's cover and song information are displayed at the same time. Cover Flow is Apple's fancy method for selecting a particular album that lets you flip between album covers using the touch wheel. At 320x240 the 2.5 inch screen's resolution remains unchanged.

No changes have been made to the audio, video, and photo compatibility. Audio formats are limited to AAC, MP3, AIFF and WAV, but no new formats such as Ogg Vorbis are supported. Similarly with video compatibility remains solely with the iPod specific reduced H.264 format.

iPod Classic Versions

80GB Version - $249

  • battery life: 30 hour audio playback, 5 hours video
  • Height: 4.1 inches (103.5 mm)
  • Width: 2.4 inches (61.8 mm)
  • Depth: 0.41 inch (10.5 mm)
  • Weight: 4.9 ounces (140 grams)

160GB Version - $349

  • battery life: 40 hour audio playback, 7 hours video
  • Height: 4.1 inches (103.5 mm)
  • Width: 2.4 inches (61.8 mm)
  • Depth: 0.53 inch (13.5 mm)
  • Weight: 5.7 ounces (162 grams)
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11/09/2008 06:31

Apple make beautifully designed products, and the functional would be rather good too if it wasn't crippled by copy protection/DRM measures.
- I can't copy MY music on my iPod between two computers, or on to my new computer !!!
- iTunes will happily delete my entire music collection off my iPod if it suspects I am attempting to use my iPod on a second computer !!!
- I can't delete files off the player directly, I must use iTunes.
- I can't encode MY music in the open source format(s) I would like, as if I want to use an Lossless format, Apple have declared that I must use their bastardisation of the Lossless format so that stupid DRM can be maintained.
-In short, Apple assumes that I am a criminal !!! and that it is their job to police me! Despite the fact that they are 'preaching to the converted' and that I have bought and paid over £1000 in digital downloads for my music collection, they will still assume that I am stealing music when I try and copy it onto my new computer, and they will happily delete it from my iPod with little warning !!!
If I bought a car I wouldn't let the manufacturer dictate where I could drive it, so what right do Apple have to dictate what I can do with music I have bought and paid for??

Lets face it, iPods are OK for those who care more about aesthetics than functionality. That is, those with no appreciation of music formats or sound quality, who just want the latest thing like everyone else, and who don't mind spending 5 hours backing-up THEIR music to DVDs to move it to THEIR new computer, when with almost any other player, they could have dragged and dropped/ Copy and pasted in under 1/2 hr !

In short, iPods could have been the product of the decade, but have been so crippled by Apple that they are only really useful to teenage girls listening to boyzone!

12/02/2007 10:51

What you really want is the screen size of the Touch combined with the capacity of the classic. That would be ideal (and probably cost a fortune).

12/02/2007 02:47

But according to me ipod touch is not that great because of two reasons...firstly being it has very less storage capacity and secondly the most important reason it costs a ill go for classic

09/06/2007 02:12

I think the iPod Classic may get overshadowed by the iPod Touch and the newly redesigned Nano, but it's a great media player that's loaded with features, a huge capacity, long battery life, and a slick UI for $249 (80GB model). I'm not complaining. Now, if I only had a reason to use a portable media player :(

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