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The Apex TU-163 is a full-tower ATX/Micro ATX case.

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easy to work with, most things can be handled with bare hands and rarely do you need to reach for the screwdriver

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adequate ventilation for basic builds

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spacious interior can house larger video cards without a problem

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plenty of external bays for multiple optical drives

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won't support too many fans, overall poor ventilation for gaming machines or servers

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included power supply is underpowered and will only work for the most basic builds

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design is a bit boring and utilitarian looking

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lacks any support for water cooling systems

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The Apex TU-163 is a full-tower ATX/Micro ATX case. The TU-163 is an entry-level chassis, and it differentiates itself from others like it with an included 350 watt power supply and what Apex describes as 'virtually tool-less assembly.' The tool-free assembly includes thumb screws for most of the fasteners and a quick release for the 5.25" drives. The removable 3.5" drive cage and ventilation with an air guide on the side panel over the processor help to position the TU-163 above other cheaper entry-level cases. This case would likely work well for a home or office PC, but the power supply would likely be insufficient for more advanced hardware applications. The case also features a padlock loop if extra security is desired.

  • 'virtually tool-less assembly' (thumb screw fasteners and quick release for 5.25" drives)
  • 4x external 5.25" drive bays
  • 2x external 3.5" drive bays
  • 3x internal 3.5" drive bays
  • 7 full-size expansion card slots
  • 350 W power supply (ATX 12V with 20+4 pin motherboard
  • processor heat sink air guide and ventilation holes
  • padlock loop
  • rear 90mm fan, with mounting space for two front 80mm fans
  • dimensions: 16.50" x 8" x 17.75"
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