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Allows the user to manage the network, control outlets and monitor currents remotely.

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Apple Online Store Apc Rack Pdu, Switched 1U, 15A, 100/120V, (8) 5-15 $519.95

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Good configuration and control options

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Easy to use interface

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The serial port jack is not compatible with rack servers without a special cable

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The APC Rack PDU was designed to prevent numerous problems in IT environments. It allows the user to manage the network, control outlets and monitor currents remotely. This unit provides control over individual outlets, alarm thresholds and delays in the power going on and off. It can be mounted on a 19-inch rack with the included brackets. 

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  • Local current monitoring display
  • Alarm thresholds
  • Flash upgradeable
  • Local current monitoring display
  • Power delays
  • Remote current monitoring
  • Remote individual outlet control
  • Remote management capabilities
  • 19-inch rack-mountable
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What's in the Box

  • APC Rack PDU, Switched, 1U, 15A
  • Installation guide
  • Rack mounting brackets
  • User manual
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Features and Benefits

Managing a network A network management interface allows accessing, configuring and managing remotely through Web, SNMP, and Telnet. This includes upgrading firmware through the network. 
Manage outlets remotely You can turn outlets off or recycle power remotely. 
Alarm Thresholds You can determine alarm thresholds to prevent circuit overloads. Alarms will alert you when a problem is imminent.
Current Monitoring  A digital display shows the aggregate current draw per power distribution unit. This helps prevent circuit overloads. 
Power Delays The user can determine when each outlet is turned on or off to prevent circuit overloads and dropped loads, and to turn dependent equipment on in the right order. 
Load Indicator LED An LED indicator shows conditions in relation to alarm thresholds so you know if you are close to an overload. 
Flash Upgradeable Firmware can easily be upgraded through a network download. 
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