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The Antec Two Hundred is an entry-level mid-tower gaming case, marketed as an affordable option for custom-built PCs.

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pretty simple aesthetic design with only minor "gaming" additions

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even better bang for the buck than the award winning Antec 300

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includes two Tri-cool exhaust fans with speed control - quite quiet on low

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case lights aren't gaudy

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includes a cleanable air filter on the front intakes

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hot swappable hard drive bay in the front

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good layout that handles cable management well

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good thermal design - PSU is mounted on the bottom of the case

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aesthetic design could be more spartan to blend in better

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plastic cover on the front is annoying to get access to air filter

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attaching hard drives requires screws (other than the hot swappable bay)

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unpainted internal steel - not as nice as full black options

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The Antec Two Hundred is an entry-level mid-tower gaming case, marketed as an affordable option for custom-built PCs. The Two Hundred features a front-loaded 3.5" hot swap hard drive caddy in addition to 6 internal 3.5" and 3 external 5.25" HDD bays, and 7 expansion slots.

Also included is a cooling system consisting of a top 140mm and rear 120mm fans with proprietary TwoCool technology, with optional front 120mm fans for HDDs and side 120mm fans for graphics cards. A bottom-mounted power supply and perforated front bezel also contribute to unit cooling. CPU cut-out simplifies instalation of CPU coolers and air filters are removeable and washable. The Two Hundred also has 2 USB 2.0 front ports and an audio In and Out.

  • Front-loaded hot swap 3.5" SATA hard drive Caddy
  • 6 Internal 3.5" HDD bays
  • 3 External 5.25" HDD bays
  • 7 Expansion slots
  • Top speical 140mm TwoCool fan
  • Rear 120mm TwoCool fan
  • 2 Front 120mm fans (optional)
  • Side 120mm fan (optional)
  • CPU cut-out for cooler instalation
  • Cable managment compartment
  • Washable air filters
  • 2 USB 2.0 Ports
  • Audio In and Out
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03/22/2011 11:15

So I ended up ordering this last night from NCIX. My original list included a #zalman_z9_plus case but I opted for the #antec_two_hundred instead. Reasons for switching is that it's $30 less, doesn't have the annoying LED lights, and is a simpler aesthetic design that will blend in better with my TV room.

Overall I have to say that my experience so far with NCIX was pretty amazing. Shipping is free and I was able to shave another $20 off the price by doing two price matches.

So before the $50 building fee my total was a cool $434.

After taxes, basic shipping insurance and an electronics recycling fee it all came out to $560.

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