The sleek duo delivers comfort and convenience from palm to fingers - all without compromising on features for each.

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Quiet keyboard

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Adjustable settings mouse

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The sleek duo delivers comfort and convenience from palm to fingers - all without compromising on features for each.

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  • Designed especially for your Windows computer.
  • Sleek keyboard profile with ergonomic palm rest. Independent multimedia keys specifically for Windows for easy and quick media control.
  • Mouse: 3 adjustable DPI level (1000/1500/2000); 4-level energy-saving mode (minimum to 50uA) saves power however you use the mouse. (The two thumb buttons are not recognized on the Mac OS X.)
  • 2-in-1 nano receiver unifies the mouse and keyboard connections into one USB port, keeping more ports open for other uses.
  • Package contents: Anker 2.4G Wireless Keyboard, Anker 2.4G Wireless Mouse, USB nano receiver (pre-installed on the underside of the mouse), user manual (AA battery and AAA battery are not included)
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Comfortable typing

  • Silky-smooth whisper-quiet keys delight your fingertips.
  • Independent hot and multimedia keys keep frequent functions just one button away.
  • Cushioned palm rest cradles your wrists, reducing typing fatigue.
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Type with relief

  • Slim design and optimally angled tilt creates a comfortable and ergonomic typing position.
  • Spill-resistant design handles the unplanned coffee or beverage spill letting you drink and snack without worry.
  • Power saving goes on after 15 minutes, saving power when you're busy with other things.
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The smart optical mouse

  • 3 adjustable DPI levels (1000/1500/2000). A single press of the button to customize, and track movements faster or slower at your own discretion.
  • Customize programmable buttons to suit your specific needs through the downloadable driver.
  • 4-level energy-saving mode (down to 50uA) effectively saves power in every situation.
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Feng shui your desktop

  • Cord-free connections mean a cable-chaos free desktop.
  • Unified nano receiver saves precious computer USB ports.
  • Crafted with the same hue and texture, style up your workspace with matching peripherals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The keyboard here has been listed as being especially quiet when typing. Is this also true for mouse clicks/operations?

    The keyboard is actually very quiet when you type. Not like your typical keyboards. The mouse is the same as most others.

  • Is software included that allows you to customize the functions of the side buttons on the mouse?

    No, no software included. The side buttons basically represent the browse back and forward function.

  • What is the battery life on this keyboard?

    2-3 years.

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