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This clipper has a strong aluminum housing and is ideal for heavy-duty cutting and tapering.

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The Andis Improved Master Clipper is unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing for years of dependable service. Powerful magnetic motor generates 14,000 cutting strokes per minute.This clipper has a strong aluminum housing and is ideal for heavy-duty cutting and tapering. Precision built to run quiet and cool. Single lever adjusts clipper blades from fine to coarse, size 000 (1/100th'') to size 1 (1/8'') length cutting depths, special upper blade features fast feed actio. Convenient thumb controlled side switch for one-hand on/off operation.

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  • Blades are to be oiled while in usage
  • The model# for the blade is #01556 which is compatible with the clipper #01557
  • Ideal for all-around outlining and fading
  • Ideal for dry cutting
  • Unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing
  • High speed motor runs quiet and cool
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Smooth Trimming Experience

Andis Improved Master Professional Clipper is designed for a great trimming experience. It's an ideal trimmer for all-around outlining and fading. This trimmer is equipped with side on-off operation switch, which can be comfortably handled with the push of a thumb. It has carbon-steel blades that are adjustable for fine to coarse hair. Using this clipper can make dry cutting easy and comfortable. It's an easy to use trimmer that gives results in no time.

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Andis Improved Master Professional Clipper has an indestructible body that's made with aluminum. It's capable of withstanding every day wear and tear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this trimer is adjustable? if so to what lenghs, 1mm to 10 mm?

    It is adjustable. It's a heavy duty clipper, much more than a trimmer. I'm not entirely sure of the length in mm. But it adjusts from 000 - 1

  • How heavy are these clippers? and are these clippers loud or has a soft sound when in use?

    Their weight is fair considering that they are metal encased (this is a feature that I like, it will not crack or deteriorate due to the heat produced by the motor, or minor drop) not plastic. The sound they make is more like a hum given that the owner is providing some tlc to the clippers: oil and adjustments as needed are the key.

  • Are these the improved version?

    Yes, "new and improved" can't go wrong. Versatile and easy to use, from a barber stand point.

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