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AMD's Athlon X2 7550 is a mid-range dual-core desktop processor, based on a 'Kuma' core.

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Excellent feature set for the price point - sufficient operating speeds and ease of installation are major selling points

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Overclocking requires little to no additional power - no more than 5 watts required to raise base clock from 200 to ~250MHz

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Raw clock speeds are tailored to common, mainstream applications - performs exceptionally well for word processing, picture and video editing and internet browsing

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Low power consumption is ideal for long-running systems - great for maintaining low expenditure rates while running machines around the clock

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Favorable to Intel's Core 2 Duo competitors, especially in terms of graphics processing - 7550's efficiency outperforms E8500 models that are nearly 1.5x faster

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Not as easy to over clock as competitor units - many of Intel's Core 2 Duo models can be pushed at least 1Ghz over their advertised handling

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Not recommended for complex computing needs - intensive graphics rendering may cause freezing or glitches, especially when performed in a multitasking scenario

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AMD's Athlon X2 7550 is a mid-range dual-core desktop processor, based on a 'Kuma' core. The CPU clocks in at 2.5 GHz (200 MHz slower than the 7750) and supports only DDR-2 memory. The 65nm core relies on two L2 caches of 512 MB and a 2MB L3 cache. It features HyperTransport technology, though not the newest version. Cool'n'Quiet technology reduces heat and noise output, and Enhanced Virus Protection offers defence against some viruses. Other power-saving features like Independent Dynamic Core technology and Dual Dynamic Power Management aim to compensate for the CPU's 95W TDP.

  • Dual-core
  • 2.5GHz frequency
  • 2 x 512KB L2, 2MB L3 caches
  • 95W TDP
  • AMD64 technology
  • Socket AM2/AM2+
  • Supports MMX, 3DNow!, SSE/SSE2/SSE3/SSE4a
  • Enhanced Virus Protection
  • Cool'n'Quiet
  • HyperTransport
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