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Based on the Windsor core, the AMD Athlon X2 6400+ is AMD's fastest dual core processor.

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Excellent value at the sub-$200 price point - on par with similar and higher-priced models from Intel with more features/versatility

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Effortlessly handles multi-monitor configurations - suitable for users working in graphic design/image editing, audio/video production and more

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3.2Ghz processing capabilities are ideal for gaming and video rendering applications alike - excellent option for entertainment-geared PC setups

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"Black Edition" capabilities are ideal for users who frequently over-clock their CPU - unit can be pushed to nearly 1.5x its advertised processing capabilities

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Unit is very easy to install - included instructions are clear and concise, with minimal software components enabling "plug-and-play" functionality

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Tends to run very hot - users planning extensive computing exercises will be required to seek out a high-functioning external CPU cooler

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Doesn't over-clock as well as the Athlon 5000+ Black Edition - lower initial speed (2.7Ghz) enables more over-clocking power

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Based on the Windsor core, the AMD Athlon X2 6400+ is AMD's fastest dual core processor. While it is outpaced by Intel's latest 8000 series, this AMD chip still offers a good price:performance ratio for those who require a high performance chip on a budget. Sadly, based on a 90nm process and rated at 3.2GHz means this chip has a thermal output comparable to that of AMD's hottest and fastest quad core offerings. Like all of AMD's "black edition" products, the 6400+ gives enthusiasts the ability to better overclock through its unlocked CPU multiplier.

  • Socket type: AM2
  • HT Speed: 2000MHz
  • Core speed: 3.2GHz
  • L2 Cache: 1024KB x 2
  • Fab process: 90nm
  • TDP:125W
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