The super slim and stylish 8 Inch Android 2.2 touch screen tablet computer has to be one of the best value gadgets available.

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The super slim and stylish 8 Inch Android 2.2 touch screen tablet computer has to be one of the best value gadgets available. This great value 8 inch tablet PC gives you the power to browse the web, watch movies, read e-books, play games, listen to music, check Facebook, watch your favorite YouTube videos, send/receive emails and so much more.

The slim line and lightweight body of the device gives this touch screen tablet a great sense of portability that you simply don’t get with a laptop computer and yet can provide you with just as much entertainment. This thin and lightweight Android tablet computer can go everywhere without weighing you down and being an inconvenience.

The 8 inch resistive screen on this China wholesale Android 2.2 tablet is very responsive, making navigation, web browsing and gaming easy and fun. The responsive 8 inch screen also supports the highly popular pinch and zoom function, which is perfect for web browsing.

This 8 Inch Android 2.2 tablet comes with 2GB memory built-in and supports up to a whopping 32GB via TF card. All this space means that you can really get the most out of this touch screen tablet when it comes to multimedia. Whether you’re into music, movies, e-books or games, this great value Android Tablet can keep you entertained for hours on end.

Thanks to the slim and sexy design of this China wholesale tablet, you can take it with you and enjoy you’re multimedia on the go. You can watch movies on the bus, read e-books in a café, play games in the park and basically just enjoy your multimedia whenever you want wherever you want.

When in it comes to the internet this low priced 8 Inch tablet can quite literally do it all. Not only can you connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, you can also connect using an Ethernet cable. And if that isn’t enough connectivity options for you, then you’ll be happy to know that this Android tablet also supports internet via 3G USB modems (dongles). All these connectivity options mean that you can connect to the internet almost anywhere.

Bringing you more bang for your buck than probably any other tablet computer on the market today, this stylish and compact 8 Inch Android 2.2 tablet can do everything you need from a tablet computer, without costing you a fortune.

This high quality low price 8 Inch ePad Android tablet is available for a low China wholesale price from amazplus!

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