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The Kindle DX from Amazon is the most recent addition to Amazon's popular line of eBook Reader devices.

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native PDF support is great

8 agree

retains slim form-factor of previous Kindles

8 agree

large screen is more versatile

8 agree

E-Ink tech is easy on the eyes

8 agree

improved internal storage over the Kindle 2 - 2GB to 3.3GB

6 agree

automatic online backup of notes and bookmarks is a nice feature

5 agree

free wireless access to download books over 3G

4 agree

Very light, same as the average book

2 agree

Excellent readability, big fonts make possible to avoid using glasses

2 agree

Newspapers and magazines delivered automatically wirelessly

1 agrees

Global Wireless version allows using the wireless connection for free outside the US

1 agrees

firmware update (Nov 24 2009) boosts battery life by 85% - over 7 days with WiFi enabled added

1 agrees

KDK (Kindle Development Kit) released for 3rd party application development

1 agrees

Increasingly good choice of foreign language books

1 agrees
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10 agree

wireless limited to United States

9 agree

larger and almost double the weight of the Kindle 2

6 agree

design is still pretty ugly

3 agree

narrow focus of book reader means just another device to cary around

3 agree

Navigating the online shop could be better

2 agree

No folders

2 agree

Sluggish and slow at times while reindexing books

2 agree

Still a black and white screen

2 agree
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The Kindle DX from Amazon is the most recent addition to Amazon's popular line of eBook Reader devices. Introduced in May 2009, the Kindle DX is the largest Kindle available with a screen size of 9.7". Most of the technology in the Kindle DX is found in the previous Kindle 2 with the main differences coming in the size of the display, and the size of the internal memory clocking in at 4GB (3.3GB usable). Other differences include native PDF support (other Kindles require conversion) and auto-rotation from portrait to landscape. The Kindle DX retains the same WhisperNet wireless technology as the Kindle 2 offering free wireless access for book downloads.

  • 9.7" diagonal E-Ink display
  • 1200x824 resolution, with 16 shades of gray
  • weights 18.9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 10.4" x 7.2" x 0.38"
  • 4GB of memory
  • Battery
    • 4 days with wireless turned on
    • 2 weeks with wireless off
    • 4 hours for full charge
  • Ports: USB2.0, 3.5mm headphone
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Text-to-Speach technology
  • Formats
    • E-Book: Kindle (AZW), Mobi
    • Text: PDF, TXT, DOC, HTML, DOC, RTF
    • Audio: Audible, MP3
    • Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG

WhisperNet - One of the biggest selling points of the Kindle is the product's stand-alone nature. Since it has a 3G wireless receiver built-in, you can browse the book store, download and purchase books and download other content such as blogs and websites without ever connecting it to your computer. For a price you can add e-mail support which lets you e-mail content to your Kindle where it'll be automatically downloaded over the wireless connection. However, the WhisperNet technology works only in the United States, if you take the Kindle abroad the wireless functions are useless.

Automatic Backup - Amazon stores and logs all the books you've purchased from their online store, meaning you can redownload any books for free. Furthermore, Amazon's online services keep track of your bookmarks, annotations, and last page read.

Text Books and Newspapers - Amazon has established partnerships with leading textbook and newspaper publishers to offer digital versions of their publications. Newspapers may be offered at a reduced price with a long-term subscription. Prices for textbooks are still unknown.

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