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The Libre eBook Reader PRO is an e-book reader from Aluratek, one of many emerging competitors to Amazon's Kindle.

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does not use the same e-ink technology as most ebook readers - no page turning lag, no flashing during page updates

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PDF support

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upgradable firmware

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solid build quality

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SD card slot for expandable external storage up to 32GB

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matte plastic construction doesn't scratch or pick up fingerprints like a glossy finish would

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affordable price point

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no annotation feature

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only 117MB of internal storage

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lacks WiFi / 3G connectivity

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not compatible with the DRM'd ebooks from many mainstream ebook retailers

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no QWERTY input method

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The Libre eBook Reader PRO is an e-book reader from Aluratek, one of many emerging competitors to Amazon's Kindle. The Libre's pricing undercuts the Kindle, and it adds several features, but also lacks some of the Kindle's key functionality, particularly Wi-Fi. The Libre has no internal storage, but includes a 2GB SD card preloaded with 100 e-books. Buyers can expand the device's storage to up to 32 GB by buying higher-capacity cards. The Libre features a 5" epaper display, smaller than the Kindle's, but has a built-in MP3 player for background music while reading. The device lasts about 24 hours on one charge.

  • 5" sunlight-readable display
  • SD card slot
  • Includes 2GB SD card preloaded with 100 e-books
  • Supports PDF, TXT, FB2, EPUB, MOBI, PRC, and RTF text formats
  • MP3 player
  • Photo viewer
  • 24hr battery life
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08/17/2011 07:09

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02/28/2010 04:25

I've had my unit for over a week and my wife has a Sony 5" ereader. Couple of things I really like is the light weight because it is more plastic than the Sony. Also, the page bar on the left hand side is really convenient (despite what some reviewers have said). The LCD display is excellant. The SD card slot and sound capability make this a winner in my books even if the price were not cheaper than the Sony.

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