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It is a docking station for your iPad that have the Octive Stage's dual full-range speakers.

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user friendly and easy to work with

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audio is clear and well defined, good for a smaller room

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attractive design, compliments the sleekness of the iPad well

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charges up the iPad reasonably quickly, as good as plugging right into the wall

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starts to sound tinny and washed out when you turn it up

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menu and back buttons don't work with the iPad, only the iPhone

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a bit difficult to slide the iPad into and out of

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tricky to align the connector perfectly

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The Altec Lansing Octiv 450 is a docking station for your iPad that have the Octive Stage's dual full-range speakers with an true sound with no distortion, even at higher volumes, for a room filling sound.

The Lansing Octiv 450 has a sturdy and durable base that also doubles as a charger, so it can charge while in use. It comes with a portrait mode allowing you to view the days weather or news at your convenience, or a landscape mode, perfect for viewing movies. It comes with a fully funtional remote to control your iPad, so that you don't have to keep getting up to change the features. It has multiple viewing angles so that you can watch it the way that is most comfortable for you, and auxillary jack, and a clear and powerful sound.

  • iPad docking station
  • dual full-range speakers
  • no distortion
  • sturdy base
  • doubles as a charger
  • portrait or landscape modes
  • fully functional remote control
  • multiple viewing angles
  • auxillary jack
  • powerful, clear sound
  • easily accessed power on/off controls
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