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It is a compact iPod docking station featuring a universal iPod dock, an FM radio, and an alarm clock.

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Adjustable display brightness is a major selling point - enables users to quickly and effectively tone down light level for sleep purposes

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Clock digits are large and easy to read - great for daily use as a primary time reference

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Sound quality is surprisingly good for the size and price point - lacks sharp, tinny overtones and booming, distorted bass frequencies common to lower-quality units

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Subtle, tasteful design is suitable for a wide variety of room types - lacks the tacky, overly-flashy qualities of many competitor docks

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Excellent iPod sleep timer configuration - track and volume control provides a fully-customizable alarm experience

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Small and very lightweight - ideal for bedroom nightstand applications and other areas where space is limited

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Volume outputting is very much on the loud side - may be unusable for late-night and early morning listening depending on the users surroundings

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The Altec Lansing moondance HOME is a compact iPod docking station featuring a universal iPod dock, an FM radio, and an alarm clock. Included also is an auxiliary input for connecting a CD, DVD, or MP3 player. It’s outfitted with dual precision-engineered 2” drivers for crystal-clear sound. Most unique about the Altec Lansing moondance HOME M302, however, is its wide-array of onboard controls: snooze, dual alarms, a sleep timer, radio tuning, volume and many other functions. There’s also a large LCD display that dims during nonuse.

Additional Information

For a more powerful unit, considered the Audio/Video Altec Lansing M602BLK or chargeable Altec Lansing inMotion iM600.

  • Compact iPod Docking Station
  • Universal iPod Dock
  • Digital FM Radio
  • Dual Alarm Clock
  • Auxiliary (CD/DVD/MP3)
  • Precision-Engineered Speakers
  • Onboard Controls
  • LCD w/Dimmer
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