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Featuring a universal MP3 cradle AND a universal iPod dock.

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Cool, unique visual aesthetic available in white and black.

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Offers separate bass and treble adjustment options instead of just having preset EQ options.

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Included remote is fully featured and very responsive even at off angles.

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Plays clean and undistorted at higher volumes.

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Excellent sound quality matching what you'd expect at this price point.

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Build quality feels touch and solid without being too heavy.

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Comes included with an AUX cable for hooking up other media devices.

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Many have reported a loud clicking occurring when in use that's loud enough to disrupt regular listening.

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The Altec Lansing M602 is a compact, yet elegant A/V iPod docking station featuring a universal MP3 cradle AND a universal iPod dock. It accepts iPod and MP3-player audio, and also hosts a composite video output for transmitting iPod video content directly to a television set. Keep in mind also that as the iPod lies in the dock, the system will automatically recharge it. As for audio, the M602 utilizes four specially engineered full-range Neodymium speakers to output up to 60W of room-shaking sound. Other notable aspects include a headphone jack for private listening, a wireless remote with built-in iPod control functions, and XdB bass-enhancement technology—it’s like a subwoofer WITHOUT an actual subwoofer.

  • Compact A/V iPod Dock
  • MP3 Cradle (Cable Included)
  • Universal iPod Dock (+Recharge)
  • Quadruple Neodymium Speakers
  • XdB Bass-Enhancement
  • Composite Out (to TV)
  • Headphone Jack
  • Wireless Remote 
Color Options
  • Altec Lansing M602BLK | Black
  • Altec Lansing M602 | White
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