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Introduced at the same time as the slightly more expensive inMotion MAX.

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much nicer display than the MAX

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better option for those not interested in being as mobile

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a good alternative to boring alarm clocks

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amazing looking onboard controls

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very stylish design

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interesting snooze and mood lighting features

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undefined connection on the back of the unit

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No distinguished time change setting

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Introduced at the same time as the slightly more expensive inMotion MAX, the inMotion Moondance GLOW is a new take on the portable iPod dock speaker system from Altec Lancing. Aimed at individuals who prefer stationary speaker listening, the Moondance GLOW acts as an iPod driven stereo/alarm clock and does not contain any battery for portable use. With support for all dock-based iPods, as well as the same FM radio as the MAX, the GLOW features a larger amber LCD screen for the time, a wireless snooze remote (along side the regular remote), a mood lighting option, and the ability to use the iPod, radio or a regular alarm clock noise as the sound medium of consciousness retrieval.

  • plays all dock-based iPods
  • FM radio with 4 presets
  • includes a 3.5mm input jack for a large variety of input devices
  • two separate wireless remotes for active listening and snooze control
  • advanced alarm clock features (large time display, selection of media for waking up to)
  • mood lighting (customizable intensity and colour)
  • dimensions & weight: 310 mm (W) x 80 mm (D) x 136 mm (H), 3.5 pounds
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09/24/2008 02:57

This looks like a great unit, I would really be interested in seeing future Altec Lancing alarm clocks. Surely not as refined as the SqueezeBox BOOM (sound/build quality or featureset wise), but the iPod functionality is nice, and the styling and use of the inventive wireless snooze remote is superior in my opinion.

I would love to see a higher end unit like this with wireless functionality (support for SlimServer/SqueezeCenter) a digital output or two, and potentially a larger screen.

I know I'm dreaming :(

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