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The inMotion Compact iMT320 is a docking station new from Altec Lansing in 2010.

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docking is very easy, can leave the cover on the iPhone and it works fine

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design is very compact, low footprint and easy to transport

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stand folds over in front to protect the speakers when transporting

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speakers are properly shielded from cellphone interference, no annoying clicks as text messages come in

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AUX port works smoothly with other peripherals and laptops for higher quality audio, no setup required

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Power automatically shuts off when no input signal detected...even when plugged in.

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sound quality is better than speaker phones and laptops, but still has audible distortion in bass and some tinny sound in highs

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no remote control included or available as a stand-alone accessory

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Button locations are right behind your iphone/ipod... you cant see them or get to the easily...

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No volume retention when you power on.

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The inMotion Compact iMT320 is a docking station new from Altec Lansing in 2010. For playing audio, the inMotion Compact iMT320 is compatible with all the latest iPod and iPhone versions. This compatibility with iPhone is certified, and is said to work without any buzz or interruption. For ultimate portability, the inMotion Compact iMT320 folds as small as a book. It can go anywhere with you, home or away, and you will not be burdened. The volume controls are push-button on the inMotion Compact iMT320, which is unusual. However, this design is reported to make adjustment easy and quick. 

  • Dual drivers
  • Battery (4 AAs) and AC operation
  • Leather-like cover
  • Speaker stand
  • Front firing ports
  • Input jack
  • Improved, sleek design
  • Enhanced low frequency 
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06/16/2011 08:09

My IMT 320 charges but no input to speakers. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

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