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The iMT630 is a portable docking station from the Altec Lansing company.

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minimal footprint, can put it right up against the wall and use up next to no space

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magnetic remote control compartment is very convenient

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powerful sound output for the size, can get pretty loud

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looks simple and sleek, nice design overall

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design makes it easy to pack away for transport

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remote is small but has lots of functions

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uses a rechargeable battery rather than having to use disposables

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bass distorts heavily at higher volumes

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The iMT630 is a portable docking station from the Altec Lansing company. Available in "Classic" black and red or teal "Sport" variations, this model is designed specifically for Apple iPod and iPhone devices. Fitted with dual 2-inch drivers, the unit aims to provide clear stereo sound with a balanced range of low, middle and high frequencies. Up to 7 hours of wireless playback are available on a single use of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing numerous mobile uses that may include road trip, camping and outdoor social event applications. A remote control peripheral is included that enables full playback control from across the room, alongside a set of hard-button controls built directly onto the unit itself. Users can also purchase a selection of Altec Lansing iOS applications, including "Alarm Rock" for sleep-timer functions and "Music Mood" advanced graphic equalization. The latter provides full sound customization options including preset and customizable EQs, with a library of ambient sounds included in effort to maximize sleep quality. A 3.5mm auxiliary input jack is also included that enables connectivity of other Mp3 players and smartphones.  

  • Available in black (Classic), red (Sport) and teal (Sport) color options
  • Sleek, ultra-portable design
  • Designed specifically for Apple iDevices 
  • Dual 2-inch bass drivers 
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 
  • Includes wireless remote 
  • Compatible with Altec Lansing iOS apps 
  • Auxiliary input jack
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