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The Alpine MRP-M1000 is a mono channel power amplifier with 1000 watts x 1 or 600 watts x 4.

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outputs more than enough power for almost any setup

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stylishly simple design with nice looking power light

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can handle a lot of heat without switching itself off

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hooking up the leads and getting it adjusted is simple and straightforward

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signal is clean and clear, no distortion

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thermal protect circuit definitely does what its suppose to do, will not shut off just lowers the volume

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consumes a lot of power, may need an additional battery or capacitor

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generates a fair amount of heat

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power output is large enough to cause serious and permanent harm to the listener if turned up too high

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 The Alpine MRP-M1000 is a mono channel power amplifier with 1000 watts x 1 or 600 watts x 4.  With a sleek black design the amplifier is an unobtrusive addition to any vehicle.  It has a wide variety of features such as gold plated RCA input connectors, STAR topology, subsonic filter, non-fading pre-amp output, a power/status LED, a low pass filter, MOSFET power supply, CEA-2006 compliant, gold plated screw terminals, selectable bass boost, speaker- and preamp-level inputs, and a 1 year warranty  The system is easy to install and upgrade - the level inputs and additional end caps to protect wiring make sure of that. The power of the unit means that it could overheat which is why it includes thermal management control which saves energy and increases the longevity of the system.

  • 1000W x 1 (2 Ohms)
  • 600W x 4 (4 Ohms)
  • Crossover: 50Hz-200Hz, -24dB/oct (Low-Pass/High-Pass)
  • Non-Fading Pre-Amp Output
  • Blue LED Power Indicator
  • Thermal Management Control
  • Gold Plated RCA Input Connectors
  • STAR board circuitry
  • Over-Current, Over-Voltage, and Thermal Protection


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