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The Alpine MRP-F300 is a 4/3/2 channel power amplifier that offers 50 watts x 4 and 150 x 2 for 4 Ohms, 75 watts x 4 for 2 Ohms.

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small footprint, easy to fit it into any available space

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setup is simple and straightforward for anyone with a bit of auto electric experience

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doesn't draw too much power from the battery, good for a smaller car

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makes the best of any set of speakers, even an OEM set, improving clarity and detail in the audio

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runs cool to the touch even when being run at sustained high volumes

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capable of loud, clear output even at lower wattage ratings

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doesn't cover the low end much, need a separate bass amp for that

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a bit higher priced than amps with the same general wattage output

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 The Alpine MRP-F300 is a 4/3/2 channel power amplifier that offers 50 watts x 4 and 150 x 2, for 4 Ohms, 75 watts x 4, for 2 Ohms.  Some other features are: STAR topology, subsonic filter, non-fading pre-amp output, protection circuits, a power/status LED, a low pass filter, MOSFET power supply, CEA-2006 compliant, gold plated screw terminals, selectable bass boost, speaker- and preamp-level inputs, and a 1 year warranty.  The speaker- and preamp-level inputs make the system easy to install and expand upon -- a good choice for a consumer who wants an overpowered system but doesn't have the money to buy all the pieces right away.  The power of the unit means that it could overheat, so thermal management control is included to save energy and dissipate heat to create a high power system without risking long term functionality.

  • 4/3/2 Channel
  • 50W x 4 (4 Ohms)
  • 75W x 4 (2 Ohms)
  • 150 x 2 (4 Ohms)
  • Crossover: 50Hz-400Hz, -12dB/oct (Low-Pass/High-Pass)
  • Non-Fading Pre-Amp Output
  • Blue LED Power Indicator
  • Thermal Management Control
  • Gold Plated RCA Input Connectors
  • STAR board circuitry
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