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The iXA-W407 is a mid-range car A/V receiver from Alpine.

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touchscreen buttons are large enough that they can be easily accessed while driving

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microphone sensitive but filters out background noise, people can hear you very clearly

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installation is made easier with well labelled wires and a good manual

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radio reception is very good, don't normally hear any static

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Bluetooth pairs quickly, syncs contacts, and doesn't tend to drop

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user interface is easy to get used to, not much of a learning curve

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won't play movie files from the iPhone

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music streamed through Bluetooth sounds low quality

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The iXA-W407 is a mid-range car A/V receiver from Alpine. The 2-DIN head unit features a 7" LCD touch display and built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling. The device provides a complete touch interface for operating a USB-connected iPod or iPhone, including a QuickSearch function and multiple options for navigating large music libraries. Separately purchased accessories add support for HD Radio (enabling iTunes song tagging), satellite radio, and IMPRINT Sound, an audio processing technology designed to optimize a vehicle's acoustic space. The iXA-W407 can also combine with the NVE-M300 GPS unit for an integrated entertainment and navigation solution.

  • 2-DIN form factor
  • 7" touch LCD
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling
  • 4x50W max. power output (4x18W RMS)
  • CD player
  • USB port
  • iPod/iPhone operation
  • MP3/AAC/WMA playback
  • Quick Search
  • Page/alphabetical/percentage "skip styles"
  • Multi-Info Mode
  • Backseat DVD player control
  • 3 2.0V preamp outputs
  • Optional HD Radio adapter
  • Optional satellite radio adapter
  • Optional IMPRINT Sound processor
  • Steering wheel remote-compatible
  • Compatible with NVE-M300 GPS unit
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